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Zealot HD Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones / Headsets
Zealot HD Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones / Headsets
Zealot HD Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones / Headsets
Zealot HD Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones / Headsets
Zealot HD Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones / Headsets
Zealot HD Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones / Headsets

Zealot HD Wireless Bluetooth Headset

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Music makes the people come together!

No, this isn't JUST a quote by Madonna. It's a fact. We ALL love music!

Most of us probably couldn't even LIVE without it!

But just like steak, music significantly varies in quality. Both need to be made from the BEST ingredients in order for you to have an enjoyable experience.

And there is NO better way to guarantee you'll have the most optimal listening experience in the WORLD than with the new Zealot Wireless Bluetooth Headset!

    Zealot's Bluetooth Headset is tailored specifically for Immersive and Hi-fidelity sound. Its stylish and foldable headphones deliver exceptional sound quality with crystal clear clarity.


    1. Bluetooth V4.0+ED: The Zealot works with practically any device that has Bluetooth support or an 3.5mm audio jack.

    2. Built-in Micro-SD Card Slot 32GB: Listen to your favorite music wherever you go!

    3. FM Radio: FM Range 87.5 ~ 108MHz 

    4. 40mm Dynamic Alloy Speakers: Designed and built by professionals for that crystal clear, lossless sound quality!

    5. Smart Hands-Free Talking: Featuring a Built-in Concealed HD Microphone & a Button To Pick Up Phone Calls.

    6. Foldable Design, The Zealot Bluetooth Headset is super lightweight. The earmuffs are made of soft, breathable leather in order to provide the most comfortable wearing experience.

    7. Removable Battery Design, With its 400mAh lithium battery & stand-by time of up to 20 days, The Zealot Headset is a very, very reliable music buddy to have!


    Microphone: Yes
    Plug Type: Wireless, 3.5mm audio jack
    Connectors: 3.5mm
    Frequency Response Range: 20-20000Hz
    Sensitivity: 110±5dB
    Support Memory Card: Yes
    Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0
    Operating Distance: Up To 10 meters
    Speaker Size: 40mm Drive Unit
    Sensitivity: >= 85dB
    Battery: 400mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery
    FM Radio: Support ( 87.5 ~ 108NHz )
    Music Play Time: About 8 Hours
    Standby Time: About 20 Days

    We've JUST put it on sale today at 30% off for all you soundwave junkies out there!

    Act fast and treat your eardrums with the highest-definition sound the latest audio engineering technology can offer!


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Shayne Jacobi

    Amazing quality for the price.

    Chelsea Medhurst

    The order came surprisingly quickly and I would say it satisfied all expectations! The charge is enough for several hours of continuous listening at maximum volume and still had some juice left after (haven't tested further). 5/5.

    Brianne Sipes

    The sound of the headphones is very good. Bass is pretty loud. I do not have a lot of headphones, but from those that I do own I consider this one of the best. I bought these for my daughter but I've been using them even more than she does lol

    Pierre Ernser

    The sound quality is great but the Bluetooth reach is quite a bit shorter than I expected. You pretty much have to be in the same room or it loses signal.

    Marco Jakubowski

    The sound is quite good, so is the design. Very happy with these headphones

    Darius Herman

    Decent quality. But that's about all you can expect from a 40mm headset. Bluetooth loses signal easily if you move further than 20-25 feet.