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Valentine's Mr. Lova Lova Teddy Bear
Valentine's Mr. Lova Lova Teddy Bear
Valentine's Mr. Lova Lova Teddy Bear
Valentine's Mr. Lova Lova Teddy Bear
Valentine's Mr. Lova Lova Teddy Bear
Valentine's Mr. Lova Lova Teddy Bear
Valentine's Mr. Lova Lova Teddy Bear
Valentine's Mr. Lova Lova Teddy Bear

Valentine's Mr. Lova Lova Teddy Bear

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Got someone you like to think about as you fall asleep?

No? You sure?

Yeah, right! I know you do.

And if you get them a Mr. Lova Lova Teddy Bear you'll also become a subject of romantic thoughts in their heads. Possibly forever.

Ready to take that chance? Valentine's Day is closing in, after all.

Time is of the essence! Get your love interest a Mr. Lova Lova Teddy bear to let them know you enjoy their presence and that you want some lovey-dovey, kiss, kiss, you feel me?

So why is Mr. Lova Lova the best Valentine's Day Teddy Bear in the Universe?

  1. He's got style, EIGHT in fact! Check out this dude - he's got a killer outfit game. Eight (8) different styles to choose from. I'm actually self-conscious now.

  2. He's IRRESISTIBLY cute! Man, I've been told I'm cute by my mom before but this guy here completely blows my cuteness levels out of the water. I mean, just look at him! 

  3. He's the PERFECT Valentine's Day wingman! Just imagine showing up to a date with Mr. Lova Lova - all eyes will be on you two! In fact, Mr. Lova Lova is SO smooth you might even be in for some K.I.S.S.I.N.G and "coffee" later on, knowhatimsayin'?

  4. He's HIGH status! And that's a FACT. Most teddy bears have zero sense of style and humility - they're are literally naked! Not Mr. Lova Lova, though! He's got all kinds of looks going on and he must be absolutely LOADED to be able to afford these dapper outfits!

  5. He emits a biomagnetic LOVE field! Mr. Lova Lova emits a romantic aura that makes everyone around him FEEL like they just drank a LOVE potion! Side effects like heart-shaped pupils may occur.

    As they say, with great power comes a great time! 

  • Vendor: RadWish
  • Material: Plush + PP cotton
  • Height Approx. 18in

We've JUST put it on sale today for all you lovebirds out there!

Act fast and surprise your love interest with a Mr. Lova Lova Teddy Bear, but be warned - the person you give this to will fall for you harder than the asteroid that wiped out the Dinosaurs!


  • Your order will be shipped within 2-3 business days.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Magdalen Nicolas

Very cute x

Marty Wuckert

omg i love it

Kurtis Dach

Same as in photos, soft texture and shipping in 10 exact days.

Domenic Cartwright

Very nice, very similar and within 10 days of delivery

Reginald Schmitt

At the top it is like in the movie :-)

Jaleel Douglas

Very happy, Ted has a good style, really well dressed. His eyebrows are a little less pronounced than in the photo but it does not take away from his charm. Delivered quickly!

Shayne Hessel

As in the pictures

Triston Medhurst

My wife and Angels thank you for the gift

Gustave Hodkiewicz

Awesome toy! All as in the picture, everything is in good quality with OK delivery! Thank you very much!

Olin Bode

It is astonishingly impressive. It has exceeded my expectations. The only thing I haven't been able to do is make him stand up on his own, but otherwise... Look at him, he's cute! Fast shipping and receiving (purchased 9/16 and received 9/23, in Barcelona). He even brings an apron to wear. The suit looks like it can be put on and off. It has arrived well protected, even the eyes have plastics! I bought it to make a surprise gift and I think it will be great. I definitely recommend it. Awesome.