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UltraWarm™ Puppy Jacket
UltraWarm™ Puppy Jacket
UltraWarm™ Puppy Jacket
UltraWarm™ Puppy Jacket
UltraWarm™ Puppy Jacket
UltraWarm™ Puppy Jacket
UltraWarm™ Puppy Jacket
UltraWarm™ Puppy Jacket
UltraWarm™ Puppy Jacket
UltraWarm™ Puppy Jacket
UltraWarm™ Puppy Jacket

UltraWarm™ Puppy Jacket

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The UltraWarm™ Puppy Jacket Is The Warmest Jacket Your Dog Will EVER Have!


Now, we know what you're thinking..

 "Yeah, right! It couldn't possibly be THAT warm.. could it?!"

 Well dear Sir/Madam, grab some popcorn (and a puppy) because it is TIME for..

The Most Interesting Puppy Story You Will EVER Read


Ready? Let's begin:

Once upon a time there was a little pup named RooRoo. 

RooRoo's owner was a BIG meanie! See, they did not buy an UltraWarm™ Puppy Jacket for RooRoo and that means RooRoo's butt was constantly shakin' n tremblin' from the cold weather every time they went out for a walk!

Legend has it that this photo is of RooRoo:

Poor RooRoo! 

BUT then.. one day while RooRoo was having his usual morning stroll in the park, he met.. he met..


BawBaw shared a lot in common with RooRoo. Just like him, she was a cute little puppy. But there was one BIiiIIiIIG difference. Her owner. They were a BIG goodie!

"Why?" you may ask.

Well, guess what they got her..


You must have figured it out by now.. 

The UltraWarm™ Puppy Jacket.


The jacket looked so good on BawBaw, all the male pups in the neighbourhood were following her trail and howling after her. Even if you'd tried to, you couldn't have missed it!

And it was SO warm it was actually melting the snow all around her as she walked! (based on an anecdotal report, we haven't tested this feature yet).

BawBaw had the biggest smile on her face, undoubtedly because of the UltraWarm™ Puppy Jacket. Heads were turning from every direction to catch a glimpse of her fabulous article of clothing!

And here's a photo RadWish staff took of BawBaw:

Moral of the story?

Be more like BawBaw's owner. Get your puppy a UltraWarm™ Puppy Jacket TODAY and never have your cutie's butt tremble from the cold EVER again!


UltraWarm™ Puppy Jacket specifications:

  • 100% cotton
  • Waterproof outer layer coating
  • Comes in 6 different colors & 7 sizes
  • 100% cute.


  • Your order will be shipped within 2-3 business days.
  • You will be sent a tracking code for your order via e-mail so that you can monitor its progress every step along the way.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Susan McLaughlin

    We have a small Yorkie-boy that weighs about 5 lbs. Ordered S and it is a perfect fit. We almost went for M, but customer support advised us to go for an S instead. Love it!

    Keeley Ledner

    The suit is good and our dog fit perfectly in it. Would buy another when needed.

    Austen Crona

    Everything corresponds to the description. Neatly sewn! Convenient for my little girl. Thank you!

    Charlene Donnelly

    Cool jacket! My dog is not small for its breed, 8 kg. But the size chart did its job splendidly! Thank you!

    Jayne Spinka

    Fit snug on our German Spitz. Colors are vibrant, the quality is perfect

    Brenden VonRueden

    our pug loves it!

    Geraldine Watsica

    My pug and I are very pleased, lol!

    Amanda Hane

    cute xoxo