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All country Travel Adapter
All country Travel Adapter
All country Travel Adapter
All country Travel Adapter
All country Travel Adapter
All country Travel Adapter
All country Travel Adapter
All country Travel Adapter

All country Travel Adapter

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Our All-In-One Universal Travel Adapter is a compact solution that fits electric wall outlets in more than 170 different countries (USA, Canada, UK France, China and more!)


Convert power outlet when traveling to other countries! Ensure your devices never run out of power.Directly supports power points in North America, Japan, UK, Europe, Korea, Australia, etc.Three USB ports and one Type-C port. Compact design.Easy to use. Just press the button, slide out the required pins and plug into any wall outlet.Pins that fit different power points.Genuine quick charge.Built-in security lock. Only one type of plug can be used at a time. Built-in LED light indicating charging status.Built-in safeguards and ceramics fuse preventing excessive current or overheating. Smart chip automatically optimize charging current and speed. .Non-toxic and flame resistant material.
  • Dimensions: 50*50*65mm
  • Weight: 126g
  • Material: PC, Copper, Bronze
  • Voltage: 100V~250V
  • Output: MAX 6.3A 5V3.7A 
  • Certificate: CE/EMC/ROHS/FCC/LVD
  • Not sold in stores
  • Ships Worldwide
  • This is Limited Time Offer. Supply is extremely Limited! -Expected to sell out Fast.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Rosaleen Conner

    This All-in-one World Wide International Travel Charger Adapter is easy to pack, solidly manufactured and easy to use. It plugs dual-voltage appliances into more than 150 foreign country wall outlets. Most importantly it also includes 2 USB charge ports for your cell. Great for iPhone/Smartphones and tablets, and computers.

    Corinna Blake

    Very good product!! Smart thinking ,just get one could be using in so many countries, you don’t have to buy several, this way saved money! And it’s small easy to take it with you! World travelers
    worth to get one!

    Samara Bauch

    This is really awesome. It's very convenient and safe. There is a button to push to change to different plug,Very useful for travel,

    Orrin Weimann

    Last Month the delivery. Packed in ordinary postal packet plus pupyrku. Do not wrinkle. Normal charging. Most importantly, absolutely not hot! Two adapter other brands is burned. One was bought in Russia :)

    Morgan Doyle

    Very nice..I like that this travel adapter can be used in many different countries. It is very useful because the USB cables can be used to many products (like new fan ,they use it . Phone , iPad....),so I like it !!!

    Justine Schowalter

    very useful cool gadjet. Smart and easy to use,I love this little adapter. It's built pretty solid, nice and compact, it's colorful so it's hard to lose, and works pretty well. recommend to buy


    This summer (2018), I took my first true international trip from the US to England and Ireland. I picked this thing up so that I could use and charge my electronics across the pond. The design is simply brilliant! It accepts multiple different inputs and allows you to select the appropriate output for the wall socket of the country you are in. Best of all, it's compact, maybe 1.5-2" on a side

    Chris patt

    I like it’s compact and pawn-size, that is easy to snug into any place in the luggage or suitcase. With EU, UK, AUS, and US 4 different power standards, any global travelers, or business professionals would feel safe to travel with it on hand. 2 USB outlets would help charge one cell phone and one battery simonteniously on the night before, in the hotel,so working professionals or travelers will have power loaded fully the next day to get on their journey. Nice and thoughtful design!


    Bought this on the eve of a family trip to Spain and France. Best pre-trip purchase I made - with the outlets and the USB ports, this made charging everyone's devices very easy, and was just what I needed to use my CPAP machine.

    Gerardo Corwin

    The plug adapter arrived faster than expected!! I got one for me and my dad so we each carried our own. I loved that it also has two usb hubs so I can charge more than one device at a time. Will be bringing this every time I head out of the country