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Wanderlust™- Scratch Map
scratch mask scratch off mask world map
scratch mask scratch off mask world map
Wanderlust™- Scratch Map
scratch mask scratch off mask world map
scratch mask scratch off mask world map

Wanderlust™- Scratch Map

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Have you been asked by your friends which countries you have traveled to, and you couldn't recall some?

We always wanted travel gift products that let us record our travel memories in beautiful and classy ways, while also inspiring us to go on new adventures to make more epic memories. The memories we made are precious treasures, the Scratch Off World Map will help you record and share your travel memories with your loved ones!

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🌍DELUXE EDITION  Travel in Luxury and style with the new Deluxe Edition of the Scratch Map. Its name speaks for itself really! It is indeed deluxe! It has all the excellent features of the Scratch Map but is larger, with added islands, more intricate detail and more style!

🌍AUTHENTIC, DETAILED DESIGN ➤ The most detailed scratch off world map on the market, our map features beautiful, vibrant colors, accurate cartographic details of the terrain, country flags and landmarks.

🌍US STATES OUTLINED  US state lines are clearly outlined for you to track your adventures in America. Scratch off more states as you explore more of the country. State lines in Canada and Australia are marked too!!

🌍PERFECT GIFT FOR TRAVELERS  A perfect conversation starter, give them a fun and special moment scratching the map with friends and family while sharing travel stories!!

🌍LIVEN UP THAT BORING WALL ➤ Frame the scratch-off world map poster and you have a classy wall decoration! Sure to draw attention, impress your guest with this striking piece!!

🌍STRONG MAP AND COVER: It comes with a Sturdy cover and a strong material map itself


🌍Your Next Adventure Is a Scratch Away 🌍


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Sebastian Grimes
awesome map to show all the places you have been

So, I keep ordering maps like this for friends/family but this was finally meant to be mine. The price was right, it looked nice and I figured I'd try it. Well....its Awesome! I actually thought it was pretty high quality and ended up giving it to my friend today for her birthday. I loved the container it came in and that it was so protected. It will come in handy for if She ever moves and needs to pack it up. She loves maps and actually immediately took out the map to start scratching off where she's been! It looked nice when she started scratching off countries but I wasn't able to get a picture of that. Anyways, I'll be getting another one for me so we can match

Marlene Tillman
Love the concept of keeping track of where I have traveled

Love this scratch off map. I bought this map to decorate my work office and it is a decent sized map! I love how I can scratch on the map the countries/ states I have visited as well as the flags on the bottom of the map. During my free time I often find myself day dreaming planning my next vacations so that I can scratch more off! Makes me motivated to work hard so I can travel! Love this, highly recommend!

Vilma Fritsch
it is in good condition

I bought this for my son, he loves looking at maps and matching up where we have been and where we want to go. So I thought it would be fun for him to get one of these maps to scratch of the places we have been so he can really see the difference. The map came nicely packed. It arrived in a tube and the inside of the map had tissue paper in it to avoid getting the map scratched. The paper is very sturdy and it was very easy to scratch of the places we have been. I did not use a coin to scratch I used a little metal tool with a flat end and a pointed end so that I could get into the small spaces easily. I love how the map starts to show more "texture" as you remove the top layer. Overall I am very happy with this map and my son thinks it's pretty neat too.

Came in a super sturdy tube.

Came in a super sturdy tube. The paper is thick and glossy, great quality. All in all I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. Totally worth it.

Very fast delivery.

Very fast delivery. Well packed. Highly recommended.

Godfrey Maggio
The mp i sturdy and well rolled

The map arrived today. it looks sturdy and thick enough. i initially thought it would be very thin but actually its very thick

Vernie Cassin
love this map, its cool

Love this map it's nice and big and was exactly what I wanted a scratch off of where I been! It also comes with two places you can scratch as in the actual states or countries and down below has more as in you can just scratch an entire country. Can't wait to explore more with my wife and get that thing all scratched off!

the packaging was great, it got a little damaged in Shipping but the map isn't harmed.

the packaging was great, it got a little damaged in Shipping but the map isn't harmed. it's a great map and very easy to scratch off the country/cities



Emilie Koelpin
It is exactly as described.

It is exactly as described.