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RC Drift Car 2.4Ghz Scale 1:16 4WD Turbo Drift w/LED Lights
RC Drift Car 2.4Ghz Scale 1:16 4WD Turbo Drift w/LED Lights
RC Drift Car 2.4Ghz Scale 1:16 4WD Turbo Drift w/LED Lights
RC Drift Car 2.4Ghz Scale 1:16 4WD Turbo Drift w/LED Lights
RC Drift Car 2.4Ghz Scale 1:16 4WD Turbo Drift w/LED Lights

RC Drift Car 2.4Ghz Scale 1:16 4WD Turbo Drift w/LED Lights

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 (Watch The Amazing Drifts Below)

Now is your turn to glide around corners in your GT RC Drift race Car. It is ready to light up the track right out of the box.

The Remote Control GT Drift Car comes complete with an electric brushed motor, forward/reverse transmission, four wheel drive, and a long range 2000 feet 2.4GHz Radio System. This electrifying RC Drift Car is fully equipped with drift RC racing tires, a vivid poly carbonate body, aluminum capped oil filled shocks, battery and charger. Just add 8 AA batteries to the remote and you will be drifting in no time at all.

When people on your block talk about the fast and the furious it will be you they are referring too.

High-speed RC Drift Car : With 2.4 GHz radio control system, two powerful built-in motors, this 2018 latest version RC car can reach a speed of 25 km/h, faster than others, and bring you special driving experience. Two or more rc vehicle can race together without remote confusion.

Longer Battery Life: Equipped with a rechargeable battery and a USB charger, which is more durable than other regular toys and extends entertainment time.

High Quality Green Material: Car body is made of high quality PCV plastic and metal materials, which is safer and healthier. Its surface adopts healthy paint spray materials, moisture-proof and will never fade.

Replaceable Car Shell: This car comes with two different colors of replaceable car shells (blue and red), which can be easily disassembled and installed according to children's preferences. This also can exercise children's hands-on ability.

Real racing experience: With 2.4 GHz radio remote controller, you can freely and control the speed and directions. The car can run forward/backward and turn left/right. NQD car a is perfect toy to help children explore the field of automotive technology and develop brain.

Package Includes:
Remote Controller,Batteries,Charger,Operating Instructions

Action Time: 10 min
State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go
Scale: 1:16
Remote Control: Yes
Remote Distance: 10-100m
Dimensions: 30x12x8cm
Control Channels: 4 Channels
Age Range: > 3 years old
Charging Voltage: 110-240V


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Kenneth Mueller

    I actually enjoyed this product! I wasn’t too sure about purchasing even with all the reviews like most I was skeptical. However this product really is something you should pick up, as other RC drift products are very expensive & may not be easy to get for everyone. Anyways thanks allot .!

    its fast and makes some good noise of vroom

    This is a great car I purchased for my 7 year old grandson for his birthday. He and his dad thinks it is a great fast remote control car. It's only been a couple of days he has been playing with it, and it appears to be good quality and sturdy. My grandson love the fact that it has two car shells.


    What can I say, for the price I was totally blown away by this little guy's speed! Controls started to glitch out a little at a distance and if you take turns really hard or flip it, the rubber of the tire can separate from the plastic rim and it won't run good but it is super simple to just reset the wheel and back to action. Totally smoked the other kids in the neighborhood at an RC race

    Brandy Schamberger

    I bought this RC for myself, a grown adult. Why you ask? Well, I like to pay with toys, who doesn't. But the real reason is to chase geese out of my yard. I was pleasantly surprised that my new "Goose Chaser" met the challenge. I have a somewhat bumpy back yard, a little over 1/2 an acre. it handled the terrain and the distance without any issue. I am happy to report the Goose Chaser is much faster and easier than me running after the geese.


    Very fun RC car.
    First high end RC car in many years and I was pleasantly surprised!
    Car is fast and fun.
    Pretty good battery life IMO.
    I had fun as well as the kids!
    superbb ✌✌ thanks for the bonus gift. my kids are happy

    Jeff Gorczany

    This car is very fast and its better to play it out door. It is way faster that i thought.

    Norbert Lemke

    The control that this remote control car has is incredible! It can reach very fast speeds and by a simple flick you can stop the car and start going backwards. It's super durable and while this is a child's toy, I definitely see myself buying one for myself!

    Gertrude Schiller

    As a kid, I loved my remote controlled cars. So when it came time to buy my four year old nephew a birthday gift, I knew what I had to find. I found this one on Amazon and decided to buy it. The laughs and excitement that my nephew exclaimed after he opened it was enough for me to give this product 5 stars. He still needs to learn how to drive it and turn it at the same time but he will pick that up in practice. He loves it and I am so happy that I could give him such a fun gift!

    Janiya Treutel

    Okay, this thing is pretty awesome! I was looking for a cool little toy to play with on random occasions and totally found what hits the spot!
    It’s fast, busts tight corners and really has the torque I was loooking for at this price point.
    Highly recommend!

    Keely Lang

    This car is a screamer! Truly four wheel drive in forward motion, two wheel drive in reverse. Fortunately, I am able to utilize the racer indoors on a gym like floor. Would not want to wear out tires outdoors on street. After reading other reviews about buying second set of tires. That would be a more valuable asset than the two tops that come with car.