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Rapid Block Game
Rapid Block Game
Rapid Block Game
Rapid Block Game

Rapid Block Game

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Try the ultimate Rubik's challenge and race against your friends and family to slide your colored Rubik's Tiles and be the first to match the pattern shown on the scrambler. Are You ready to race?

It's As Easy As...

  • Magic Block Game is a fast-paced game for two players to get your brain and fingers racing.
  • Shake the scrambler and go head to head with your opponent to shift and slide the tiles to be the first to make the 3x3 centre match the pattern.
  • It sounds easy, but the Magic Block Game is a real game of skill, speed and dexterity. Challenge your friends and family today!

Package Include

  • Game Disc X 2
  • Connection Framework X 1
  • Scrambler with 9 Colored Mini Cubes X 1
  • 48 pcs Magic Block
  • Instructions X 1


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

My 5th grade son asked for this game after playing it in school one day. It's a fun game for adults too and our 4 year old has fun move the tiles around and at making at least one row match the solution cube.

Queen Smith

Fast-paced, fun, surprisingly challenging head-to-head pattern matching game.

Jackson Bednar

This is a great game to play with my nine year old kid.


My son (he's 9) and I enjoy this game. It's not something we play a lot. But, when we get it out, we'll play several games and really enjoy it. It's easy to set up and equally easy to store.

jk smith

This a really fun game. My 8 year old daughter loves to play it and challenge my husband and me to countless games of this. She is really good and quick at it. My brain and fingers can't keep up with hers. I am in awe when I watch her moving all the pieces so quickly to make the correct pattern. We also love the variations that you can play if you get tired of the classic version. It's a great brain stimulating game. ❤️

Rosemarie McClure

Great game, and one of the firstthat my 10-yo has mastered to the point that she can beat me - actually, she can beat pretty much anybody at it.

Angie Klein

Super-fun if you don't might the bruising to your ego, and nothing beats the satisfaction slamming down the center piece on your winning tiles. We've gotten this as a gift for a bunch of her puzzle-minded friends.

Reid Hamill

This game is SO MUCH FUN. My family highyl recommends it. It's so quick to set-up, play, and then restart, that we often end up playing 20~30 rounds at a time- "Ready...GO!...I won!...Go again?... GO!", all in the space of 2 or 3 minutes.

Otis Jacobi

The toy arrived. Content is as described, and fine.


If you're like me, and have never beaten a rubik's cube, don't worry; It has more in common with those old-time, missing-tile-slider games than Rubik's Cube. Unlike the slider puzzles though, it's fast, exciting, and fun. You can even play it alone (although it's worlds better with an opponent). It really is a lot of fun.