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Korean Chef's Choice Meat Slicer for Home & Commercial Usage
Korean Chef's Choice Meat Slicer for Home & Commercial Usage
Korean Chef's Choice Meat Slicer for Home & Commercial Usage
Korean Chef's Choice Meat Slicer for Home & Commercial Usage

Korean Chef's Choice Meat Slicer for Home & Commercial Usage

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Good slicer releases the tastes and textures of meat, much better than thick hand-cut slices can do.  it can save a family money: pre-sliced meat from delis and the supermarket can cost 3 to 4 times the price of buying a whole piece of meat, cooking it, and slicing it for sandwiches yourself at home.

★ Time Saver: This Food Slicer eliminates one of the most time-consuming jobs in food prep. This commercial-quality slicer would let you slice everything from paper-thin pepperoni to perfect servings of roast beef. It makes life a little more fun, and entertaining as easy as 1-2-3!

★Easy to operate: Replaceable High Carbon Steel Blade, Put the machine on the table, make the suckers stable immobilize the machine on the table, and load the meat into the meat shelf. Hold the handle to cut the meat slowly.

★Easy to adjust thickness, module and a spiked handle to help to hold the meat securely.

★1 Tool For All: Food Slicer does a great job on a variety of foods like cheese, salami french bread, potato, roast beef etc .For all your slicing needs, from paper-thin to extra-thick,Food Slicer makes food preparation fast and easy.

Setting Up The Slicer:

  • To use your food slicer, place on a sturdy, flat surface. Use the suction cup to stable the slicer
  • Place the frozen meat on the V-shape food table.
  •  Compress the spring handle 5-8mm to the left-hand side and then press it to the meat until the nail is pressed into the meat, and gently press the meat toward the blade.
  • Hold the handle of the cutting blade, press the meat to the stop plate and then cut the meat.

 Cleaning & Maintenance:

  • Clean and dry all parts immediately after use.
  • To remove food table for cleaning, unscrew the 2 screws on the main frame from the bottom side and wash with warm soapy water. Dry thoroughly.
  • To replace the blade, use the Allen wrench to loosen the inner hex nut and thickness knob. Replace the old cutting blade, tighten the inner hex nut and thickness knob counterclockwise.
    When removing the blade, be sure to handle it with care and avoid the sharp edge.


  • Weight: 2.3KG.
  • Blade length: 170mm (6.6'');
  • Dimension: 460mm*160mm*120mm (18'' * 6.3'' * 4.7'')
  • Thickness Control can be adjusted: From 0.2mm to 25mm.
  • Speed: 60 Slices /Minute.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Very good production, easy setup , its easy to understand how to set up the equipment, and the meat cuts like butter. Good quality.


ove this meat slicer!

The whole frame is steel made and very sturdy.

A few steps of assembles are required but it's very simple.

To get great slices, the meat should be refrigerated. This is essential to get great slices. This sucker can produce much thinner and nicer meat slices than those sold in grocery store.

Cleaning is also simple. Recommend to dissemble it and let it dry before put back into storage.

I will highly recommend this item.

Very easy to use. For best result use frozen meat, do not thaw.

This meat slicer is very easy to use, and can literally cut meat into paper-thin slices (if you chose). I usually set the cutting thickness to about 2mm, for stir-fry or hot pot. I like it because you don't need to put your entire body weight on the handle in order to cut. In fact, it cuts so effortlessly, a child less than 10 years old can easily use it (with supervision, of course). Unlike using a chef's knife, where it is usually easier to cut if you let the meat thaw a little bit, this slicer works best with meat that is completely frozen. Do not thaw!!!

Things you can slice without fear

We wanted a slicer as we wanted sliced ​​meat. However, electric type was very scary, so I decided to purchase it manually. In order to make the direction of the slice (the streak of meat that digs into the slice) proper, we have to learn a little more technique. But it is a good product you can completely slice. Hand tires for manual work. However, even a woman is fine if it is about 1 pound.

I've tried electric slicers and was not happy, they are loud and don't cut as thin ...

I got this to make palomilla steak, it requires very thin sirloin slices. I'm pushing 70 and my strength is declining so I wasn't sure about how much effort this item would take, and it took no effort at all. It will shave the meat if you're not careful, the settings are adjustable for thickness. I've tried electric slicers and was not happy, they are loud and don't cut as thin as I needed. I cut a frozen sirloin into thin slices in a few minutes. Clean up was a piece of cake. This item is supper WOW! I can't wait to try slicing sandwich meats. I'll save a fortune on deli meats.

cutter exactly like the picture.

I purchased this tool because I like the hot pot with instant boiled mutton. It works like the description and I don't need to work hard to slice frozen mutton by a regular knife. However, I spend some time and sever tries to figure out the right way to use it. First, the mutton need to be prepared. You need to put unfrozen mutton into the plastic bag provided in the package and frozen it. Then it has the round shape and easy to hold by left hand and can be easily sliced.

i love it so far

I use this to slice my homemade bacon and jerky. When the meat is frozen solid, it does an amazing job slicing various thicknesses. As some have mentioned, when you are down to about your last half inch or so of meat, you cannot safely slice it due to the gap between the blade and plate. However, the ability to use my own bacon by pulling it out of the freezer, slicing what I need, then putting it back in the freezer until the next time outweighs that small defect. I've already recommended this to several friends that also make their own bacon and jerky

awesome meat slicer, super fast shipping will buy again

awesome meat slicer, super fast shipping will buy again

It is very useful.

Quick delivery
- Excellent quality
- Multiple functions
- Easy cleaning
- Great Price

Product as described.

Product as described. Fast shipping! Will definitely deal with this seller again.