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Magic Bubble blower
Magic Bubble blower
Magic Bubble blower
Magic Bubble blower
Magic Bubble blower
Magic Bubble blower

Magic Bubble blower

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 Make every day a bubble-tastic adventure

Get ready for a world of bubbling fun and vibrant colors with our incredible Water Bubble Gun series! Whether you're a kid or a kid-at-heart, these bubble guns will take your playtime to new heights. With three fantastic variants to choose from,(12 holes/36 holes/69 holes )each offering a unique bubble-blasting experience and mesmerizing LED lights, the fun never stops! 

36-Hole Water Bubble Gun:

Step up the excitement with the 36-hole variant! Unleash a flurry of bubbles and immerse yourself in a whirlwind of joy. The LED lights illuminate the bubbling wonder, transforming your backyard or playground into a spectacle of colors. Ideal for parties and playdates.

69-Hole Water Bubble Gun:

Brace yourself for the ultimate bubble storm! Our 69-hole gun is a bubble enthusiast's dream come true. It creates a breathtaking cascade of bubbles, and when combined with the captivating LED light show, the result is pure enchantment. Perfect for large gatherings and outdoor events.

Key Features:

  • Three thrilling variants: 12-hole, 36-hole, and 69-hole.
  • LED lights that turn bubbles into a kaleidoscope of colors.
  • Sturdy and easy-to-use design for hours of non-stop fun.
  • Safe and child-friendly materials for worry-free play.
  • Compact and portable for on-the-go bubble adventures.

Make every day a bubble-tastic adventure with our Water Bubble Gun series! Whether it's a birthday party, a family picnic, or just a sunny afternoon in the park, these bubble guns will entertain and delight everyone around. Grab your favorite variant now and let the bubbly fun begin!


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  • Please use the special bubble liquid for best results or dishwashing liquid.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
David L.

Great quality and loads of fun! The Bubble Blower Gun exceeded our expectations. It's sturdy, easy to handle, and produces a steady stream of bubbles. Our kids can't get enough of it!

Meagan H.
Bubbles have no age limit

I got a bazooka bubble gun for my 3 year old and my 9 year old and they both love them! Keeps them entertained for hours. Awesome product! My daughter loves playing with the Bubble Blower Gun in the backyard. It's the perfect way to encourage her outdoor play and spark her imagination.

Danny P.
We love this bubble gun

We absolutely love this Bazooka bubble gun! SOOOO MANY BUBBLES!! It’s been great at different celebrations we’ve had all the kids love it, even the adults lol we haven’t had any issues with it, the battery has held up nicely.

David Murray
Fun for all ages

Absolutely mesmerizing! Cute bubble gun for my daughter. Easy set up, easy to use, and the bubbles just keep coming. It was seriously a delight and made for great pictures too :)

Jeff k.

I bought 4 of these for my wedding and they were great! A lot, lot of bubbles. Great product. We gave them to the kids afterwards and they love them.

Adriel H.

This is the best bubble toy we've ever owned! The Bubble Blower Gun is easy for my 3-year-old to use, and the bubbles fly out effortlessly. It's a must-have for any parent looking to keep their kids entertained outdoors.

Stephanie A.
Pure joy

We love this bubble gun. So much fun in one little gadget! The Bubble Gun is a hit with our whole family. It's simple to operate, and we've had endless giggles and fun together. Great buy! My daughters are in love.

Kellie P.
So many bubbles!

I loved this product and more importantly my nephew did. He had a blast with it and it was so easy to use. I recommended this to my friends to buy it, who also loved it! Your kiddos will love it too.

Gregg G.

We love the Bubble Blower Gun! It's the perfect outdoor toy for our little ones. The bottle underneath is so handy, and the bubbles create a magical atmosphere in the garden. Highly recommended!