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Flip Flobster ™
Flip Flobster ™
Flip Flobster ™
Flip Flobster ™
Flip Flobster ™
Flip Flobster ™

Flip Flobster ™

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These Lobster Sandals Make It Look Like You're Wearing Lobster On Your Feet

Have you ever wanted to joke about catching a lobster with your bare feet? No? Now you can. Here’s a footwear product that boosts your fashion sense to lobster-level heights.

If you get your claws into these wonderfully comfy and lightweight sandals, you'll be the talk of the town at any event. These aren't your average prawns or crab shoes – these are lobster-level quality, my friend.

Nothing says "cool" like someone wearing seafood footwear. So wearing these crustacean sandals will attract a lot of attention, and are sure to be an instant conversation starter!

  • These lobster flip flop sandals are composed of a robust, lightweight, elastic, and shock-resistant material resulting in soft, flexible, and comfy experience
  • An actual lobster could weigh around 2 pounds and grow up to 24 inches. But You won’t need sandals that big — available sizes for this product range from size 4 to size 14 for both men and women
  • You can acquire these flip-flops in a vivid shade of red or in green, which are sure to bring the oceanic finishing touch to your outfit.
  • If you’re looking for a fun flip-flop to use around the house or a beach sandal with personality, you might want to get yourself a pair of these lobster shaped flip-flop, aka the Flip Flobsters!

Even simply wearing them whenever you make a sandwich could brighten up your day. Yeah, they’re that comfy. You won’t have any issues during cold weather either. Slip on a pair of socks, jump into your crustacean flippers, and you’re all set.

Customers all over are loving it!

Ready to do some light housework with your partner or a friend? Place the flip flobsters in the hands of your partner or a friend, then pop the question, "Will you be my lobster?


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  • We are almost out of stock, and because of that we have decided to give away the last ones for 30% off. (Prices already slashed)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

We have been wearing it for a month and everything is fine. On the asphalt, on the beaches and in the pools is excellent. All views turn only on these slip ons

Kris Sawayn

i am enjoying my flip flobster

Vaughn Greenholt

Nice slippers! Soft, beautiful, and most importantly-comfortable. I took on a larger size (for everyone) and as a result it was a smart decision, great fit. The goods came quickly. The only negative is the smell of whether the paint, or whether the plastic, but it is weak so that as such a problem does not cause, and I think that over time it it it will =) (I'm afraid of the number 666)


The colors are vibrant and eye catching

Shanny Yost

Surprisingly comfortable and elastic. The foot is nice. I recommend the seller, I will order more. The product fully corresponds to the description and the size is straight the most. People write that there is a smell but I did not consider it. In general, my inner child is satisfied)))

Yasmeen Ruecker

Super fast, they are amazing, no doubt some highly recommend this seller. They are exactly the same as in the pictures, ALL my friends loved ones.

Alanna Littel

my life has never been the same once I bought these lobster thongs, would recommend

Kyler Cremin