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Hydro Blast Strike
Hydro Blast Strike
Hydro Blast Strike
Hydro Blast Strike
Hydro Blast Strike

Hydro Blast Strike

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Conquer Water Wars with the Ultimate Water Gun Duo!

Prepare for epic water battles and unbeatable summer fun with our incredible Water Gun Duo! These high-quality water guns come in two variants, offering an exciting experience for everyone.

Whether you choose the sleek and compact Glock-style water gun for swift maneuvers or opt for the powerful Superior Long Gun with its automatic refill feature, you're in for a wet and wild adventure.

With easy-to-use mechanisms and ergonomic designs, these water guns are perfect for kids and adults alike.

Stay cool, stay entertained, and create lasting memories with our must-have water gun combo!

Glock-Style Water Gun:

  • Compact and easy to handle.
  • Ideal for quick water attacks and mobility.
  • Hours of fun without the need for continuous refilling.

Superior Long Gun with Automatic Refill:

  • Long-range water blasting for dominating water battles.
  • Automatic refill feature for non-stop action.
  • Comfortable grip and precise targeting capabilities.

Get ready to make a splash at pool parties, family gatherings, and summer adventures with our Water Gun Duo!

Whether you're a stealthy Glock-style shooter or a relentless superior long gunner, these water guns will take your water wars to the next level.

Don't miss out on the excitement and convenience of the automatic refill in the superior long gun variant. Embrace the thrill of competitive soaking, and grab your Water Gun Duo now to ensure an unforgettable summer filled with laughter and refreshing fun!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Shanie Lubowitz
AquaDominance Achieved!

the Glock-style gun's agility adds a strategic edge. These water guns are a fantastic investment for outdoor adventures. I recommend it!

Geovanni Stroman
Quality and Fun in One Package!

Water guns are a must-buy for anyone seeking water play excitement. The Superior Long Gun's refill feature is a game-changer, These water guns have made our kids entertained than ever before! Very satisfied, I recommend the seller.

Arden Wolff

The parcel arrived, Well packed. Included a small screwdriver to unscrew the battery compartment. Reusable battery, with charging. The charge is enough for almost the whole day of the game! Shoots very far. The kid is very happy with the purchase! Thank you, I recommend you!

Ivy Donnelly

The water gun works well. Water suction is a great feature. It also shoots water very well. The range is certainly 10m. The battery also has enough parameters they are accurate. The water tank also is big - during the "battle" you can enjoy continuously. The price/performance ratio is very good.

Tessie Hamill

The finish is better than I thought, and it works well and looks pretty!
This water gun have brought so much joy to our summer weekends. The long-range shots from the Superior Long Gun are impressive, and the automatic refill adds a whole new level of excitement.

Kaitlyn Walter
Non-Stop Fun!

Hydro guns are a blast! The automatic refill feature on the Superior Long Gun means no more pausing for refills, keeping the fun going uninterrupted. Quality, durability, and endless fun - what more could you ask for?

Reina Bernier
Unleash the AquaPower!

Hydro Blast water guns have taken water fights to a new level in our neighborhood. The gun's accuracy is impressive. These water guns are worth every penny and have made our summer unforgettable.

Dexter Rosenbaum
Unbeatable Fun!

I bought the Water Gun for a family gathering, and it was an absolute hit! The automatic refill on the Superior Long Gun is a game-changer. Guns are easy to use and provided endless entertainment for kids and adults. Exactly what's in the ad. Highly recommended!

Breanne Gerlach
Unmatched Aqua Adventure!

Hydro Blast water guns have made our summer truly memorable. Gun's simplicity is perfect for all ages. Whether it's a family gathering or a friendly neighborhood showdown, these water guns shine.

Trever Dickens

Great. After 20minutes of heavy use, the battery level is still good.
In shooting continues a good 15 seconds of watering.
Quickly recharged.
Easy to use.
10m span.
For the price it's very good, I'm waiting for the other 2 I ordered.
Well wrapped, rolled in bubble paper.