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Hugging Teddy Handbag
Hugging Teddy Handbag
Hugging Teddy Handbag
Hugging Teddy Handbag
Hugging Teddy Handbag
Hugging Teddy Handbag
Hugging Teddy Handbag

Hugging Teddy Handbag

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Ah, the Hugging Teddy Handbag.. 

In a world of luxury brands and painfully-boring handbags, the Hugging Teddy Handbag serves as a beacon of light, inspiring us all to embrace our weird, extravagant clothing styles and freely express them to society.

Okay, okay. Perhaps it's not that philosophic--but, HOW FREAKING CUTE IS THIS TEDDY BEAR?!?

The answer: Very, very cute. And very, very on sale!


I'm glad you asked! Here's why the Hugging Teddy Handbag is the SUPREME handbag:

  • Too Darn Cute! Could anyone possibly dispute this claim? I don't think so. We rate the Hugging Teddy Handbag on a level of cuteness equal to sleeping puppies, but slightly lower than.. YOU! 

  • Did Anyone Say Free Hugs!? The Hugging Teddy Handbag is, well, you may have already guessed it by now, hugging you as you go about your day. How freaking awesome is that!?

  • Freely go about your day as Teddy holds onto your essential items! Wait, did you seriously believe that the Hugging Teddy Handbag is purely a cosmetic item? Consider Teddy offended.. because it comes in 2 sizes purse and messenger bag with a neat zip-pocket where you can safely store your make-up essentials, phone, or wallet! Yay!

The Hugging Teddy Handbag also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap so that any human could become friends with the Hugging Teddy Bear!

Customers all over are loving it!


    • Material: Plush
    • Filling: PP Cotton
    • Size: 12in
    • Cuteness Level: Infinite

    We've JUST put it on sale today for all you extravagant peeps out there! <3

    Act fast and get your Hugging Teddy Handbag and never walk alone without a cute bear hugging you ever again!!


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Carolanne Wilderman

    It's soo cute! thank you for this x

    Sydni Walker

    This smallest size bag is big enough to hold a phone and and ID and cards. It is not large enough to substitute a full purse, but it was perfect for my Halloween costume .

    Victor Bernhard

    I get so many compliments with this purse. It is very cute!

    Maggie Cartwright

    it's very cute! and u can adjust the size of the strap of the bag .don't put anything big it can hold ur phone and maybe some other small things lol and it came pretty fast I'm very satisfied

    Carey Rice

    So cute my baby(2y) love her teddy purse. Very soft and puffy and it smell so good like a flowery powder baby smell. Very soft and fluffy .

    Caroline Tremblay

    adorable but kinda small