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Hi-Tech Cool Kids Piggy Bank Truck
Hi-Tech Cool Kids Piggy Bank Truck
Hi-Tech Cool Kids Piggy Bank Truck
Hi-Tech Cool Kids Piggy Bank Truck

Hi-Tech Piggy-Bank Truck

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The curse of the empty wallet..

Let's be honest here, there are few things worse than opening your wallet and hearing crickets instead of the sound of money. Whether you were just about to buy that new shirt, book a vacation, or pay the bills (a personal favorite) - not having money exactly when you need it is almost as bad as accidentally stubbing your toe..

However, thanks to the Piggy-Bank Truck you'll NEVER have to deal with that hopeless feeling again!

What? Think you're too old for a Piggy Bank? Please..

The Piggy-Bank Truck's lifechanging (yes, really!) benefits:

  1.  It Promotes Money-Saving: Just place it in an easily visible spot and your Piggy-Bank Truck will constantly serve as a reminder that you need to feed it $ in order for you to make fun, spontaneous decisions in the future with no guilt whatsoever!

  2.  Classic Coin Storage: The Piggy-Bank Truck loves to take your coins and keep them safe for you until you need them back. Zero interest-rate!

  3. Next-Gen Banknote Storage: Oh, we didn't tell you? It takes banknotes too with an automatic mechanism. Now you'll be able to withdraw more than just mere pennies.. plus it's a cool party trick!

  4. Password Protection: The days of unjust piggy bank theft are now officially a thing of the past with the Piggy-Bank Truck's secure password lock!

  5. It's.. a piggy bank. But 10x better: Coin storage? Check. Banknote storage? Check. Password lock? Check. 

    And the best part? You don't even need to break it to get your $ out!


  • Material: Plastic
  • Storage: Coins, banknotes
  • Lock: Password-protected lock (0000 default password)
  • Power supply: 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Colors: Black, white
  • Size: 11x5x5 in

We've JUST put the Hi-Tech Piggy-Bank Truck on sale today for all you devoted money-saving masters out there! 

Act fast and start the new year off by getting into the habit of depositing change in your very own trusty Piggy-Bank Truck and be amazed at how much money you've actually saved when adventure (or responsibility) calls onto you! 


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Breana Keeling
    I'm a little surprise of the functionality

    Wanted to start teaching my kids the value of money and wanted it to be somewhat fun. I was expecting a simple push button unlock and drop money it etc.. what really blew me away is how it takes in money. There's actually a motor that would activate and pull the bill all the way through. My son loves it and is excited to do chores so he can earn money to put in here. He even sleeps with it next to him.

    Edgardo Murray
    Great Product!

    This is cute and my son loves that it plays music when he puts dollars in it, it makes a constant alarm beep when the back door is open or if you enter the wrong code. It's also really loud. A volume control button would have been nice..


    great gift for kids...we loved it,I purchased this for my nephews 6 year old son. He plays with it for hours on end. A great gift. Everything works.

    Amanda Murazik
    Perfect gift for a boy!

    Easy to operate, children are very satisfied. But I don't understand why anyone can open the door with his fingers. Workmanship is rough.

    Nettie Denk
    Bought for my grandson - BEST present EVER!!

    So my grandson wanted a "piggy bank" for Christmas and his father is in law enforcement so I decided on this bank - my grandson LOVED it!! BUT, when you put batteries in it and the little oriental children start singing in Chinese (we think, may be Japanese but doubtful) it is quite amusing!! We laughed so hard we were practically falling out of our chairs!! The bank works well - with lights and sirens, a combination number pad, the dollar bills go in just above the windshield and the coins go in through a slot on top - it really is cute but just a little startling at first. LOL, enjoy!

    Brionna Gerlach

    Great product and great way for to store money.
    Everytime time your child accidentally resets the piggy bank you have to go back and reset the language as well

    Keith Dach
    Great Bank!

    Instead of buying my grandsons each a toy every time I visit, I decided to buy them each one of these banks. Now, when I visit, I give them money to put in their banks. They, ages 3 & 5, love it! The banks are sturdy, the wheels turn. There is a coin slot and auto feed for the bills. It’s fun and teaches the boys how to save money. Their parents love it too

    Bert Fay

    The operation is simple and easy to go, my child can't put it down