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GearGrip Hood ™ (Limited Edition)
GearGrip Hood ™ (Limited Edition)
GearGrip Hood ™ (Limited Edition)
GearGrip Hood ™ (Limited Edition)
GearGrip Hood ™ (Limited Edition)

GearGrip Hood ™ (Limited Edition)

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Give your gear knob a giggle! Our Mini Hoodies: making shifts snazzier, one laugh at a time

Ready for a dash of humor in your daily drive? Meet our Mini Hoodies for gear knobs – the wardrobe your car didn't know it needed! Shift into style with a touch of playful charm that's bound to turn heads and spark a few grins along the way.

Why??Because who said cars can't have a fashion sense? 🚗💃

✨ Add a Dash of Personality: Transform your gear knob into a fashion statement. Our mini hoodies come in quirky designs that will make you smile every time you shift gears.

🛑 Stop Boring Drives: Say goodbye to mundane car interiors. Whether you're a gearhead or just want to turn heads, our mini hoodies are the perfect accessory to showcase your style.

🌟 Quality Materials: Made from high-quality fabrics, our mini hoodies are durable and easy to install. Give your car a touch of luxury without breaking the bank.

🎁 Perfect Gift for Car Enthusiasts: Stuck on gift ideas? Surprise your friends or family with a mini hoodie for their gear knob. It's a fun and unique present they'll love!


Why settle for ordinary when your car can be extraordinary?

Our Mini Hoodies blend style and playfulness, making every shift a stylish statement. Say goodbye to mundane car interiors and hello to a ride that's as fun as you are!

Elevate your ride, make every shift snazzy, and join the laughter revolution on the road. Click 'BUY NOW' and let the Mini Hoodie magic begin! 🛍️💫


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  • Since it's a limited edition item, our stocks are expected to sell out quickly! We can not guarantee our special pricing for long.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Rita Becker

My boyfriend loves it, Sleek & Stylish!

Celine Metz

The delivery is very fast. I just received it and immediately installed it. The installation is very simple and exquisite, making it very suitable for installation. The old and torn parts are covered, and the feel is very good. I recommend it

Kylee Jerde

Perfect Fit! top 👍👍

Chelsea Stokes

9 days to UK. Post Office.
Fleece material, really a product worthy of recommendation

Anastasia Runte

I like it very much, good material and size

Annamarie Rolfson

Great Grip! Very nice

Nicolas Lubowitz

The product is of quality, it is very original and achieved. I liked it a lot. I will soon put it on the lever of my red car🚗💨💨💨😎👍

Name Treutel

No words, it's beautiful. I loved it and I hope to use it soon.

Ignatius Dickinson

Cool mini hoodie) the quality is good

Ron Botsford

I did not expected it be good but Wow, excellent warm and very beautiful now I just need to try on the knob of the car and It arrived super fast.