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Float-n-Fly RC Plane
Float-n-Fly RC Plane
Float-n-Fly RC Plane

Float-n-Fly RC Plane

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Introducing the Ultimate Remote Control Plane for Kids - Take Flight on Water!

Unleash the thrill of aviation with our cutting-edge Remote Control Plane designed to ignite the imaginations of young pilots.

Say goodbye to ordinary RC planes; our innovation allows take-off from water and graceful floatation, taking the excitement to new heights – and waters!

Whether you're an aspiring aviator or a seasoned captain, this is the aircraft you've been waiting for.

Water-Takeoff Marvel:

Watch in awe as your plane gracefully lifts off from water surfaces, providing endless aquatic adventures.

Unbreakable Wonder:

Built to endure the toughest missions, our RC plane boasts exceptional durability, ensuring years of fun.

Kid-Friendly Control:

Simple, intuitive controls make it a breeze for children to master, while experienced flyers can enjoy precision maneuvers.

Imagination Soars:

Ignite creativity and inspire outdoor play with a remote control plane that captivates young minds.

Elevate playtime with a remote control plane that defies limits.

Our Water-Takeoff Marvel promises endless entertainment on land and sea, while its unbreakable design ensures it survives every adventure.

Easy for kids to pilot, yet captivating for all ages, this is more than a toy; it's an experience waiting to take flight.

Embrace the excitement, and let your dreams soar with our Remote Control Plane - your ticket to unforgettable fun!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Elody Gerhold
Impressive flyer

It was like on the picture, my son 8 year was flying with it within 10 minutes. Before you know it’s flying above the trees. So I would advise start in a big open field. Top quality, and can be charged with a battery pack in 25 minutes

Alfred Marks
Perfect for kids.

Super plane. Delivered on the fourth day. So fast. The child is happy. Have already flown. Lovely product.
I recommend the seller!!!

Emelia Jones

It arrived early, I tried it and it flies wonderful, I had faith but not so much. The box arrived in very good condition.

Carmen Wehner

Top-notch quality. Thanks

Bridie Schuppe

Very pretty and solid plane, very happy with this purchase

Jett Hills

Delivered quickly, article as described, I'll gladly order again.

Carolyn Swaniawski

Very good even can buy and confirm the product excellent and resistant. So cool! Kids love it.

Princess Bradtke

great product rc plane, Sturdy design.
very nice 👍👍👍