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Duck Norris - Body Pillow
Duck Norris - Body Pillow
Duck Norris - Body Pillow
Duck Norris - Body Pillow
Duck Norris - Body Pillow
Duck Norris - Body Pillow
Duck Norris - Body Pillow

Duck Norris - Body Pillow

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Calling all snuggle lovers, Duck Norris is your next favorite pillow!

Studies show that plush pillow not only acts as cute friend for children but also helps adults to combat major health concerns such as work-related stress, social anxiety, depression, and even loneliness.

This soft and cuddly Goose Plush Pillow is perfect for kids of all ages and can help them release any built-up stress.

Get rid of all those niggling worries with this realistic goose stuff pillow that is made from high-quality skin-friendly materials. Easy to squeeze, twist, hug, and put on a lap, making it a fun way to destress.

  • Made of high-quality, non-allergic material
  • Soft outer fabric layer that offers you a better skin touch feeling
  • It is easy to deform but not easy to distort
  • This soft and adorable plush goose is ideal as a gift for Christmas, the Spring Festival, and other holidays for your loved ones.
  • Ideal size to hug and love
  • Best to place on sofa, bed or in a room corner as a decorative toy

Add this adorable Goose Pillow to your or your child's bedroom and invite the sweetest dreams.


  • Your order will be shipped within 1-2 business days. 
  • We Ship Worldwide


  •  Since it's a limited edition item,  expected to sell out quickly! We can not guarantee our special pricing for long
  • Once it sells out, please check back again in January 2023 for a new batch of limited edition items


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Talia Schoen

Probably the greatest thing I’ve ever purchased drunk at 4am. You WILL have to add stuffing to it to make it more firm! Came super quickly & even better than described. Get the dang goose. You don’t have to justify everything

Boris Wyman

Love it! Very soft! Fun to snuggle with and hug. Great price! My brother now wants one too, so I will be buying again.

Enrico Padberg

I love the huge goose, he was exactly as described and very soft. My cat does not care about the goose

Lorenz Thiel

Goose fire. Without smell, the filler is enough, quickly flushed.

Darby Bashirian

Oh my god i love it so much. Its so soft and good to touch i can't express it in words. It came very quick, almost two weeks before delivery date.

Sheila Gulgowski

Super happy with my new goose friend! Exactly as advertised, soft and fluffy and full of stuffing. I had seen other reviewers' geese did not have enough stuffing but I have not had this issue. I have also included pictures of her wearing a dress I had, because I think it suits her very well.

Trevor Lynch

Lovely duck! Later we will order even more, it looks better than the picture, better shaoed head, bigger eyes, only missed some stuffing, so i bought it at local store to fill it properly. i love to cuddle with it! its perfect!

Rhett Moore

In the photos it seemed not so fluffy, but it turned out to be very even, and I like it!
Maybe one day I'll order the same, but more

Edgar Huel

I used this duck to make a weighted stuffed animal. It worked out perfectly. There is a zipper down by the feet of the duck so you can stuff it. The wings are the only thing not accessible to add more stuffing into.

Remington Jast

This plush is very cute. Is as soft as I was hoping, but still fairly soft. Was really concerned when I saw a small package since I was expecting it to be a bit bigger, but it was vacuum sealed in a plastic bag. It looked a little sad and wrinkled when he was released, but luckily I had some extra stuffing to fatten him up a bit. About the size of my medium sized cat.