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Crazy Universal Gear Knobs
Crazy Universal Gear Knobs
Crazy Universal Gear Knobs
Crazy Universal Gear Knobs
Crazy Universal Gear Knobs
Crazy Universal Gear Knobs

Crazy Universal Gear Knobs

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Need to spice up your knob?

No.. not THAT knob.

Your GEAR knob!

If the answer is YES, then by golly, you've come to the right place! The Crazy Universal Gear Knobs have just arrived and they're absolute FIRE!

Christmas came early (or just in time!) for all you knob-decoration enthusiasts out there! Here's what we've got juuust for you:

  1. The Black Katana: Once a sword wielded by only the worthiest of Samurai, the Katana is now a safe replacement for the ball of your gear knob! Just don't forget to press the clutch when switching gears OR your gearbox will be sliced in half by the deadly Katana.. *shivers*

  2. The King Cobra: Hsss! We've domesticated a King Cobra just for you, man! It wasn't easy, but you can rest assured that the only thing The King Cobra spits is PURE game to your car's center console!

  3. The Skull Rider: Only for the baddest mothertruckers out there! If you're getting this one - I wouldn't want to mess with you. Heck, even Hell's Angels wouldn't!

  4. The Jet Throttle Lever: This one makes your car incredibly fast (or so we've heard). Just like all of the other options, the Jet Throttle Lever fits any car's gear knob.. Especially Deloreans! Warning: May create a time vortex at 88mph and above!

     Emergency time travel hotline: 1-800-BTF-DOC-BROWN.

  • Vendor: RadWish
  • Material, Aluminum, Alloy, Plastic
  • Compatibility: Universal
  • Variants: The Black Katana, The King Cobra, The Skull Rider, The Jet Throttle Lever
  • Style: Plenty!

We've JUST put it on sale today for all you gearheads out there!

Act fast and get your CRAZY universal gear knob before stock runs out! Hey, your car will thank you for it!


  • Your order will be shipped within 2-3 business days.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Chauncey Waelchi

Conform to the description, arrives on time

Roderick Dickinson

It was very nice material beautiful heavy metal.

Ernestina Turner

Spectacular. In my case I don't like gold color but I 've painted it and the result is very good, it fits perfectly with my car, comes with all the adapters.

Isabelle Hansen

I like it, but shipping was a bit slow

Ryley Rippin

Perfectly packed and shipping pretty fast. Better than in the pictures. I can't judge its value as a gear knob, because I have modified it to put it elsewhere, which looks great.

Felicia Considine

pretty good