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CozyFlex™ Legg-hose
CozyFlex™ Legg-hose
CozyFlex™ Legg-hose
CozyFlex™ Legg-hose
CozyFlex™ Legg-hose
CozyFlex™ Legg-hose
CozyFlex™ Legg-hose

CozyFlex™ Legg-hose

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Elevate Winter Style with Cozy Elegance: Thermal Fleece-Lined Leggings-Pantyhose Hybrid!

Introducing our innovative fusion of fashion and warmth, the Thermal Fleece-Lined Leggings! Offering the sleek look of pantyhose with the comfort of thermal fleece, these leggings redefine winter wear.

Crafted to withstand chilly seasons, they provide ultimate coziness without compromising on style. Slip into these for a chic and toasty experience wherever the cold takes you.

Sizing: Please refer to chart below ( When confused between 2 sizes please choose the bigger size as our leggings are designed to be very snug for maximum warmth)

L  (40-70 Kg) / (88-154 Pound)
XL (60-100 Kg) / (132- 220 Pound)
2XL (80-115 Kg) / (176- 253 Pound)




  • Pantyhose-inspired appearance with the warmth of thermal fleece
  • Perfect for winter, offering both style and comfort
  • Designed to keep you cozy without sacrificing fashion
  • Versatile wear for various occasions and settings
  • Combines elegance, functionality, and warmth effortlessly
  • Made of high-quality material. Ideal for temperatures up to -10 Celsius degrees.

Revolutionize your winter wardrobe with our Thermal Fleece-Lined Leggings!

Say goodbye to compromising style for warmth—embrace a chic, cozy look without bounds. Whether for casual outings or formal evenings, these leggings ensure you stay fashion-forward while keeping snug in the cold.

Experience the perfect amalgamation of elegance and comfort—order yours today and step into winter with confidence!


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  • Since it's a limited edition item, our stocks are expected to sell out quickly! We can not guarantee our special pricing for long.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Macey Flatley

Came super fast. When I received it I thought I would not stay because I was looking at something small and my legs are big, but it fit me perfectly, I love it.

Creola Waelchi

The wife says it's comfortable. 👍

Ashlynn Luettgen

I loved it and thanks to the comments I chose the perfect size. Weighed 185 pounds and I ordered the size 2XL and it fits me perfectly.

Eleanore Hansen

AMAZING!! I seriously love these. they look so real that my mom genuinely thought I wasn't wearing anything under it. very warm and comfortable! it was not itchy like I thought it would be. highly elastic, very snug against my legs! only critique would be the socks. there is nothing covering my feet so you gotta wear normal socks.

Emmett Bins

pictured is the thick and thin ones next to each other so you can compare too. SO COMFORTABLE & THICK AND COZY. I'm a true XL and purchased the 2XL. Such a good & flawless fit! my waist is 32.5. hips are 42.5 and I weigh 150lbs. NO struggle to get into these. super easy. very glad I sizes up 😁

Grayson Hackett

Excellent material very well recommended ....