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Bubble Bug Wonder Wheeler
Bubble Bug Wonder Wheeler
Bubble Bug Wonder Wheeler
Bubble Bug Wonder Wheeler
Bubble Bug Wonder Wheeler

Bubble Bug Wonder Wheeler

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Experience the Wonder of Bubble Bug Electric Bubble Machine - A Playful Adventure of Bubbles and Fun!

Step into a world of enchanting play with our Bubble Bug Wonder Wheeler - Electric Bubble Machine! Watch as this adorable ladybug-shaped wonder comes to life when you pull its string, sending it on a delightful journey of movement. 

But that's not all – the Bubble Bug is not your ordinary toy!

It's equipped with an automatic bubble-making feature that fills the air with a magical flurry of bubbles, sparking giggles and awe in kids of all ages.


  • Playful Design: Adorable ladybug shape with a pull-string and wheel for interactive fun.

  • Automatic Bubble Maker: Effortlessly produces a continuous stream of bubbles.

  • Easy to Use: Simply fill, switch on, and let the Bubble Bug do the rest!

  • Engaging Playtime: Captivates kids' imagination and encourages active play.

Independent design - detachable for cleaning

It's detachable feature allows you to easily separate the bubble-making mechanism from the ladybug body, making cleaning a breeze.

No more worries about residue build-up or difficult maintenance! 

Indoor & Outdoor Fun - Perfect for parties, playdates, and sunny days in the park.

Make every moment extraordinary with the Bubble Bug Wonder Bubble Machine! Unleash the joy and wonder of bubbles while enjoying the charm of this cute, movable ladybug companion.

Whether it's a birthday celebration or a casual playtime, the Bubble Bug guarantees a captivating and entertaining experience for children and adults alike. 

Grab your Bubble Bug now and let the bubble-filled adventure begin!


  • We Ship Worldwide

  • Your order will be shipped within 1-2 business days.


  • Please use the special bubble liquid for best results or dishwashing liquid.

  • Since it's a limited edition item, our stocks are expected to sell out quickly! We can not guarantee our special pricing for long

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Mark W.
      Imagination in action!

      This Electric Bubble Machine is more than I expected. The way it moves and produces bubbles is magical. It's become an essential part of our family playtime routine.

      Laura T.
      Absolutely charming!

      The Bubbling Ladybug Adventure is a magical delight for kids. Watching it move around and create bubbles is pure joy. My children can't get enough of this adorable toy!

      Michael S.
      A must-have for imaginative play!

      The Bubble Ladybug Adventure has brought so much fun into our home. It's easy to operate, and the automatic bubble feature adds an extra layer of excitement.

      Robert G.

      Hours of happiness! The Bubbling Ladybug Adventure is a hit with my grandkids. They can't stop pulling it around and watching the bubbles float around. It's a fantastic way to keep them entertained and active.

      David L.

      Incredible entertainment value! This Electric Bubble Machine on wheels is a showstopper. The combination of movement and bubbles keeps kids engaged for hours. Highly recommend!

      Jason Miller

      Unforgettable playtime moments! Our Bubbling Ladybug Adventure is an absolute hit with my son. It's easy to pull around, and the bubbles create an enchanting atmosphere. It's made outdoor play even more exciting!