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Bounce Buddy Head Armor
Bounce Buddy Head Armor
Bounce Buddy Head Armor

Bounce Buddy Head Armor

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Introducing Adorable Baby Head Protectors with Bunny Ears and Reindeer Magic!

Ensure your precious one explores their world safely and stylishly with our charming Baby Head Protector Anti-collision.

Crafted with love and care, these protectors are designed to shield your baby's head during those early adventures.

Choose between two delightful variants 

The playful Bunny Ears for a touch of whimsy, or the enchanting Reindeer for a dash of magic.

Bunny Ears:

Crafted with softness and imagination, our Bunny Ears variant adds an element of fun to safety. The plush ears not only cushion impacts but also spark your baby's imagination as they embark on their explorations.

Reindeer Magic:

Let your little one revel in the charm of our Reindeer Magic variant. With its endearing antlers, this protector not only safeguards their head but also brings a touch of enchantment to their everyday journeys.

Elevate safety to an adorable new level with our Baby Head Protector Anti-collision.

As your baby giggles, wiggles, and ventures into the world, our protectors stand as a guardian against bumps and tumbles.

Choose the variant that resonates with your heart – Bunny Ears for playfulness or Reindeer Magic for wonder. 

Make each moment memorable and safe, because their precious head deserves nothing less.

Order now to give the gift of protection wrapped in charm!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Marcelle Altenwerth

Adds a touch of whimsy to safety.

Marisol Schroeder

Bounce Buddy Head Armor, just what my baby needed.

Matilde Lockman

Good material, looks resistant. Safety meets cuteness.

Mack Turner

Arrived very fast, excellent material, finished very well, excellent design, I loved it.

Alexie Bartell

Well received. Like in the picture. Good quality. Highly recommend!

Dorothea Hermiston

Haven't tried it on yet, but it looks great
Soft, the clasp is perfect. Highly recommended!

Chadd Schaden

Bunny Ears are a genius addition.