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LightRider ™- Laser Bike Lane
LightRider ™- Laser Bike Lane
LightRider ™- Laser Bike Lane
LightRider ™- Laser Bike Lane
LightRider ™- Laser Bike Lane
LightRider ™- Laser Bike Lane
LightRider ™- Laser Bike Lane

LightRider ™- Laser Bike Lane

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Like riding bikes at night? Wish you could be seen more easily in the dark?

Have an affinity for futuristic cool-lights-everywhere movies like TRON and Blade Runner?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the LightRider™- Laser Bike Lane is your new best friend! & you may still have a chance at joining the cool people club! (just kidding, we're nerds)

The Laser Bike Lane has the following features:

  1. It Keeps You Safe!  you'll be easily spotted from far, significantly lowering your risk of any accident! All while looking rad in the process.
  2. Multiple Lighting Modes! You can rely on the trusty"Constant" mode for a quick ride around the neighborhood, but you can opt for "Slow Flash" or "Fast Flash" as well.
  3. 5 LED & 2 Red Laser Beams! The bicycle safety light creates a virtual lane around your bike, helping to protect and keep you safe from incidents during night-time cycling 
  4. Large Battery Capacity! 2 AAA batteries (Not included), this laser tail light works up-to 36 hours depending on the batteries.
  5.  Waterproof & Adjustable!  Fear not, bike rider, for the Hi-Tech LED Laser Bike Light is 100% waterproof and will still keep you safe and completely visible during these treacherous conditions! 

    It is also easily installed and adjusted on every bike currently available. Awesome, right?

Customers all over are loving it!

We've JUST put it on sale today for all you safe bike riders out there!

Act fast and get your very own Light-rider so that you too can become a safe rider while also looking 100% awesome in the process! 


  • Your order will be shipped within 2-3 business days.

Warning: We are almost out of stock, and because of that we have decided to give away the last ones for 50% off. Offer Valid till stock lasts. Act fast and claim your free gift!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mara Kramer

Nice laser, but to turn it off, you have to scroll through all the types of glow, and there are seven different types.

Thomas Metzger

It's the second time I buy it, I love it, it's excellent mostly to use it at night, perfect lighting

Emely Hold

The light is very good. separate button for light and laser light. both lights are working!

Kaan Sonn

It's great, it really complies with what it says. I loved it.

Albert Horak

Works even in the afternoon/evening

Jennifer Rieger

Very good product, no test at night but certainly worth it, arrived earlier than expected