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Hair Straightener Brush
Hair Straightener Brush
Hair Straightener Brush
Hair Straightener Brush
Hair Straightener Brush
Hair Straightener Brush
Hair Straightener Brush

Hair Straightener Brush

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Hair Straightener Brush with Anti Scald/Auto Shut Off/Digital Controls
Stop spending hours in front of the mirror just to straighten your hair. Stop damaging your hair with ineffective heat and old-school straighteners. Replace your old irons with a ceramic hair straightening brush designed to give you professional results even faster. A great solutions for quickly getting ready, whether for school, work, or while on vacation, the hair brush straightener won’t dry or damage your hair.


  1. Suitable for both dry hair and wet hair.
  2. It helps straighten your hair and make you look more smooth.
  3. No annoying static electricity on hair in dry Winter.
  4. Making you you easily comb knotted hair and reduce breakage.
  5. Compact size, portable, easy to carry even in trip.
  6. Considerable handle for comfortable feeling and easy operation.



  • Material: plastic
  • Color: red, pink,black
  • Plug Type: EU plug, US plug,
  • Perfect styling time: 3-5 mins
  • Heat conductor diameter: 16-20mm
  • Voltage: 110V / 220V, 50HZ
  • Power: 30W
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  • The product is Shipped in 1-2 Working Days.
  • Not sold in stores
  • This is Limited Time Offer. Supply is extremely Limited! -Expected to sell out Fast.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Luz Bernier

    This is the third brand of heated ceramic hairbrushes that I have purchase and the fourth that I have tried on my hair.
    Compared to the other brands I have tried, I like this one the best because it heats up quickly and the temp remains consistent. With the other brands I have tried, the temperature drops and I have to constantly pause to adjust it. Also, the tips of the bristles are so much more sturdy on the InStyler than the other brushes. I actually feel comfortable running it through my hair thick hair without breaking off the tips.

    Kaci Cole

    I have been straightening my hair with a flat iron for 15 years, so when a friend of mine got this,It heats up really fast, and using it is just like brushing my hair. Super easy! Overall, this product is fast and effective, and I recommend it.

    Omari Grimes

    I have pretty thin hair, and it just tends to get caught in between the bristles. I'm unsure so far if it's better than using a regular straightener or not. The price is fair though, so I'd suggest buying it and giving it a try yourself. Based on the reviews, it seems this works better if you have thicker hair.

    Letitia Ruecker

    Love works well…
    This works wonders. I don’t typically straighten my hair because it’s fine and comes out flat but this gave me some volume and great frizz control!

    Eliseo D

    I love the Glossie!
    I've owned other heated brushes but this really tops them all. I have a lot of hair, and yet it is still fast. The clamp is the best feature. Would highly recommend!

    Johnny Purdy

    I like that it's quiet, no noise from blow dryers, and it gets my dry hair straight so fast! The teeth are spaced to lessen hair loss. Just brush your hair carefully before beginning, then use this straightener.

    Forrest Pauc

    Having really thick hair, I use this in the mornings when I don't have much time to get ready. It works well, and is quicker than using a traditional straightener (I think) IF you have thoroughly brushed your hair. MAKE SURE TO BRUSH YOUR HAIR before using this. It is not meant to be a brush. I found that it works best (and quickly) if you use regular brush at the same time & run this straightener through your hair right after the brush.

    Marjory Kessler

    This product is incredible! I have long, thick, wavy hair that gets really unruly around the roots. Previously, I would use a flatiron to straighten around the roots and to smooth out the rest of my hair. In half the time, I get an event better result with this brush. It straightened around the roots and calmed the frizz all over, while still giving me volume and no stick straight hair that I hated when using a flat iron. It heats up quickly and I was able to smooth out my whole head in under 10 minutes. This product is ideal for someone who wants to keep the body/volume of the blowdry while smoothing out the kinks, frizz and waves. Love love love!!!!!!

    Marquise Hammes

    Speechless! I'm a difficult customer because I take seriously the "satisfaction guaranteed". I purchased the model by this and other manufacturers and I have to say the clamp makes all the difference.
    It takes me 12-15 min to go from super messy frizzy hair to smooth straight hair . I can do my second day hair in 5 min!. This tool will not replace your flat iron but is an excellent compromise.

    Maximilian Koch

    This is the best thing for curly/frizzy hair. Instead of taking 10 minutes to dry and style my hair, I dried it quicker not working so hard to smooth it out. Then I used the "Straight Up" - and the results were incredible. My hair was straight, but still maintained the body (it wasn't straight and limp), it shined - it looked great! I am thrilled to have found this!