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Best Coffee Cup Warmer | Waterproof & Compact
Best Coffee Cup Warmer | Waterproof & Compact
Best Coffee Cup Warmer | Waterproof & Compact
Best Coffee Cup Warmer | Waterproof & Compact
Best Coffee Cup Warmer | Waterproof & Compact

Coffee Mug Warmer

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What's that?  Oh, yeah?

You're saying you like coffee too?

That warm, cozy, energizing cup of heavenly beverage that gives you life to conquer the world every day sure is great, huh?

If only it could remain as hot as when you took it off the stove during your Zoom call.. wait a minute!

With the Cofee Mug Warmer, it CAN!

Alright, alright don't be so quick to anger. You're probably asking yourself "Where has the Coffee Mug Warmer been all my life!?". 

Well, it's been right here for the past 5 years or so..

Just kidding! We just added it and boy do we love using it at RadWish HQ! Ladies, gents, here's what the Coffee Mug Warmer is all about:

  • Dual Temperature Setting! This sexy Coffee Mug Warmer comes with two temperature settings, effectively maintaining your beverage's temperature between high-temp 140℉-122℉ and low-temp:104℉-122℉ for as long as you want. Heck, you could leave it on for days! The better question is why, though?

  • Touch It Once and It's All Set! Simply plug the cord, tap the switch, and put your mug on. The Coffee Mug Warmer will take care of the rest and keep your drink warm 'till death sets you apart.. or until the power goes out, whichever comes first! 

  • Mamma Mia, I Left The Stove On! Hey, it happens to all of us. We get so excited about the imminent consumption of caffeine goodness that we forget to turn off the heat. But guess what - your house won't burn down thanks to the Coffee Mug Warmer's amazing technology, which knows exactly when to turn off itself!

    Within 5 minutes of inactivity i.e no cup or mug placed on top of the plate, the Coffee Mug Warmer goes to Sleep Mode. But that's not all - once you've decided you need to heat up your coffee cup again, the Coffee Mug Warmer will automatically switch ON with the temperature setting you previously input! Thanks, science!

  • Spilling Water Doesn't Scare It!  The Coffee Mug Warmer is made of tempered glass and aluminum alloy, which means you don't have to worry about being clumsy and splashing water on top of it! 100% waterproof and easy to clean, this fascinating beverage warmer is a gift that just keeps on giving! Wow.

  • Advanced Heating Plate Tech! Our Coffee Mug Warmer plate has no groove, which means it can fit pretty much any cup there is, including glass cups, stainless steel cups, ceramic cups, and more. We recommend using a cup with a flat bottom to further improve the heating of different beverages such as tea, coffee, milk, and cocoa. Placing a lid over the mug will also help retain more heat. 


  • Uses: Coffee Mug Warmer, Plate Beverage Warmer
  • Power (W):<750W
  • Voltage (V):220V
  • Certification: CE

We've JUST put it on sale today for all you caffeine chuggers out there!

Act fast and get your very own sexy Mug Warmer to keep your cup of coffee warm and tasty while you're getting ready to WIN yet another day!


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Sigmund Goyette

    Great quality. Super fast delivery!! Great!!!

    Lurline Bradtke

    Good product and arrived in only a week. It does the job Happy with this purchase

    Lane Bosco

    100% worth it. I have a lid/saucer to put over my cups (metal & glass only, very thin/light) and it keeps ANYTHING inside them hot! Without a covering, the liquid is typically warm. It's really great and I would really recommend it. I've placed small cermaic bowls on it too, keeps things warm!

    Zachariah Konopelski


    Rusty Hoeger

    I'm satisfied with fast delivery. and it works very well.

    Greta Rodriguez

    Cold food not so terrific

    Lucinda Wyman

    Shipping was kinda long, but it was worth it!!

    Tate Kling

    Happy :)

    Samara Hagenes

    decent product! just wish it was on batteries