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Baby Squeeze Station
Baby Squeeze Station
Baby Squeeze Station
Baby Squeeze Station
Baby Squeeze Station
Baby Squeeze Station
Baby Squeeze Station
Baby Squeeze Station
Baby Squeeze Station
Baby Squeeze Station

Baby Squeeze Station

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Baby Squeeze Juice,Food Organisation Storage Containers and Baby Food Maker Set 
Easy to assemble, use, and clean. Great for everyday use. This kit makes making your own baby food & snacks a breeze rather than a huge hassle. Best used for applesauce, smoothies, fruit purees, and yogurt (either homemade or purchased in bulk). Pouches allow you to feed on the go without bringing along tonnes of unnecessary extras.

Make and store on-the-go baby food and toddler snacks
Press it. Bring it. Enjoy! The meal station for all families wanting to make preparing, storing and serving baby purees and toddler & preschool snacks. Press your homemade or store-bought baby food, fruit sauce, yogurt and smoothies into the single serving pouches for convenient food on the go.

Easy to Store & Clean
Squeeze Station is dishwasher safe. Nests together for easy storage

Take it on the Go
Perfect for babies, toddlers and preschool lunches.

More Fresh Squeezed
Refill pouches, reusable silicone pouches, spoon attachments and more available through the Fresh Squeezed feeding line.


Standard-with spoons Include:

  • 1 * squeeze tool station
  • 3 * tubes
  • 1 * press
  • 10 * Reusable squeeze pouches
  • 10 * child safe cap (fit squeeze pouch)
  • 2 * child safe spoon (fit squeeze pouch)


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  • This is Limited Time Offer. Supply is extremely Limited! -Expected to sell out Fast.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Alek Grime

It is Perfect I just love it. It s great size to store in the kitchen, Everything came Well packed. I ordered standard with spoons and 50 pouches incl. And We received all Perfect.

Darrel hob

Saves time and storage space in our cluttered fridge. Feel great to know what I’m actually feeding my son.
Does what is promise and is a great solution for our need.

Ada Torphy

Oh, my goodness! I am IN LOVE! The first time I saw this product, I thought it was a little ridiculous (who actually needs this thing?). Turns out, I do! It makes my life so much easier. We did 100% baby-led weaning with my older child (where the baby starts out eating table foods from the beginning), so I have zero experience with purees or baby food of any kind. However, my newest child is a late teether and underweight (not unrelated, I'd say). We had to get creative. I make lots of healthy fat filled, calorie dense purees in my Vitamix (avocado, coconut oil, lots of greens, whatever veggies I have lying around, nuts, sweet potato, beans, bananas, chia seeds, fruit to add flavour... you name it, I've tried it!), and then simply squeeze them into pouches and freeze. I only have to do this once or twice a month, and voila! Organic, whole food baby food to pack on the pounds! My son took a while to warm up to purees in general, but he loves them now :). And my toddler likes to have smoothies or applesauce in these pouches, too. The construction is simple and easy to figure out, and seriously easy to clean (bonus points from this brain dead, exhausted mama :)

Annabel Burz

This is the best thing EVER! i am creating a blog listing all of my top baby products I have used since my son was born and this is definitely on the list. When we started solids at 6 months I first use a baby food freezer tray basically an ice tray. With this I would freeze the cubes and then dump them into ziplock snack size bags in sets of 4. I would often find that the cubes would get freezer burn fast. Now that I have found this system I cant imagine doing this any other way. We will be using the Squeeze Station for many years until our son is off to school and then will switch to homemade applesauce pouches. Will also hold on to this for baby #2!

Jewell Mitchell

Product very well packaged, very well protected. Compatible with my gourds reusable (the purple a little longer on my photo). Arrived in a 2 days

Bott aawn

My little one loved it and no mess ... I would highly recommend it. Money saved when you make your own food vs buying already food packaged pouches. Highly recommend this item.

Kacie Carroll

I have used it twice to make a total of 22 pouches of baby food. Super easy to use and very convenient to pack your freshly made baby food.
The pouches are great too, I love that you can squeeze the extra air out before freezing. Labeling is very important, and they provide a magnet with a chart to keep in mind how long the food is going to last fresh.

Judd milly

It takes a little practice of getting the consistency right but it wasn't a painful learning curve. Our baby quickly moved out of the pureed food stage but now we still use it to make snacks on the go. Best part is we make pouches, freeze them and use them as ice packs in her lunch box and when they're defrosted she can enjoy her snack.

Jamison Howell

This Fresh Baby Food Station is an awesome must-have for anyone who makes their own baby food. Wish I had this with my other 2 children…would have saved so much time. I honestly did not expect it to be as useful and fun as it was. I snapped the frame together and it was really easy to do. The pouches snap into the frame really simply and easily! I started with purees of sweet potatoes and peas, let them cool a bit after pureeing (I use a hand mill usually, but used the blender for these larger portions). I totally bungled the first fill and poured in too much, but quickly realized how to eyeball the appropriate amount. The plungers are fantastic! You just press down and they neatly fill the pouches and expel any trapped air. Then you seal them up and you’re done! The pouches themselves are so nice and sturdy. Definitely freezable….they held up great in the freezer for us. I stored them all in the freezer and would grab one if we were going out to dinner, or leave one on the counter to thaw for her meal.

Hillary Miller

Everything is fine, it quickly to the right equipment.I started making my own baby food once my little guy was ready. Jarred food is just too expensive and I don’t like all of the additives and extra stuff that they put in it. I’d rather make it myself and know exactly what he’s eating. This squeeze station makes it SUPER easy. All of the parts are super easy to clean and it’s decent to store.
Seller recommend.