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Baby Hip Seat Carrier
Baby Hip Seat Carrier
Baby Hip Seat Carrier
Baby Hip Seat Carrier
Baby Hip Seat Carrier
Baby Hip Seat Carrier

Baby Hip Seat Carrier

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Are you tired of carrying baby, especially while travelling? Do you get frequent back aches after doing so?

Then this unique Baby Hip-Waist Carrier is perfect for you!

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  • This Baby Hip-Waist Carrier reduces the stress on your back whenever you carry baby at home, at work or while you travel.
  • With this carrier, baby can now ride facing in or facing out.
  • This carrier is furnished with a mesh pocket, where you can also place your most important items.
  • The belt has an adjustable strap that can fit most sizes and can provide utmost comfort and support.


  • The Baby Hip-Waist Carrier is guaranteed safe because it is made up of non-toxic material. It does not have any unpleasant odors.
  • It is made up of 100% polyester material, medical food-grade silicon surface and EPP shock absorbent cushion that can support baby well.
  • Adapts from newborn to 48 months or 44 lbs


  • This Baby Hip-Waist Carrier contains 1 side zipper pocket where you can put your regular things like cell phones.
  • You can use it with 3 distinctive carrying positions: Horizontal Position, Inward Facing and Forward-Facing.
  • This fully encloses your baby in order to keep him safe always.
  • It comes with an adequately-shaped stool and thick belt so that it can provide utmost comfort for parents and little ones.
  • The stool surface has a special shape that lets you keep an eye on it easily.
  • You do not ride on it so it’s also comfortable to the legs.

The adjustable strap can fit sizes up to 40 inches.

This is an amazing answer for diminished stress in your back when you carry your infant at your home, outdoors, or while you travel.
This is intended for young moms and dads who need to carry their youngster easily.

This Baby Hip-Waist Carrier is made of breathable cotton fabric material which is anti-slipping to guarantee your infant's security.

Baby Infant Hip Seat Carrier have no straps or complicated harness to fiddle with, unique design, fashionable style and flexible adjustment without age restrictions.It is also equipped with an adjustable strap, to fit most sizes and to provide comfort and support.

If you want a light baby carrier for travel, Radwish's Hip Seat Carrier will be your first choice.

  • You can carry in the front and it would defeat the objective of taking the pressure off your spine. 
  • It sits on your hip allowing your spine to stay straight as the child's weight is distributed elsewhere.
  • It is even great to use as a chair when sitting at a table eating out as they are positioned higher than when on your lap.You can carry her/him on school runs,around shopping centers, hospital appointments etc.It's great really saves your back!



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Baylee Williamson

    Yes. This is a total game changer! My daughter has hated every carrier I've tried but likes being held. She's 8 months now and I just found this item, I wish I'd had it sooner! She can sit on it and it takes 95% of the weight away to where I don't even feel it. Now I can carry her around the house and while out and about and pick her up/put her down easily without taking anything on/off


    This is a fantastic product. I can also fit a diaper and a few wipes in the pocket if I'm just running into a store or something without carrying another bag.

    Stephen Russel

    LIFE SAVER! I can put my baby on hear and let my back rest - and spend more energy giving googely eyes to my sweet baby boy. People go nuts over this - "OMG what is that? Where can I get it?"

    Dawn hoskins
    using it everyday

    Love it!! I have an ergo baby which is great for putting my son on my back to do chores...but the ergo baby is a little much for just walking around the house or a quick walk outside. This is a lifesaver for a baby who wants to be walked around 24/7 and also likes to look around a lot. It’s not hands free so don’t purchase if looking for a hands free seat....this for me is just a huge relief for my back and gives me an extra hand.

    great for stay at home dad too

    you have to hold your baby at all times, but other than that it is a great gadget for your back and this hip seat will hold your baby's weight (as long as you keep holding your baby). If you want a gadget that ALSO holds your baby, try a Kangaroo. I have one of those as well and they very very well. These and the baby bottle holder are my favorite tool for my full time job: Stay-at-Home Dad.

    i recommend it

    I definitely recommend wearing very high on your waist....for me, I strap it on right below my bra line and it supports my back perfectly there. If you wear it low, it will just hurt your hips and back more. I Don’t recommend for men, my husband tries to wear it and because he doesn’t have a waist like a woman, it slides down to his hips and ends up hurting his back. You want it to sit just above where your waist curves.

    Golda Morissette
    the order arrived in 7days.

    the order arrived in7 days. it looks neat. when the case to your hip place the pain to the groin. inside is foam. small key you can have in loose but a phone wallet is too large and fit.

    Works as it should

    Works as it should

    Justice Abshire
    best purchase so far

    My son wants to be carried all the time. This is super great! The bestdollars I have ever spent!

    Ransom Bergstrom
    Its great. It is very comfortable .

    Most amazing thing I have EVER purchased. It is worth every single penny. The material is great. It is very comfortable . The size can be adjusted.