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HeadPro Pad ™
HeadPro Pad ™
HeadPro Pad ™
HeadPro Pad ™
HeadPro Pad ™
HeadPro Pad ™
HeadPro Pad ™
HeadPro Pad ™
HeadPro Pad ™

HeadPro Pad ™

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Protect, Play, and Explore Safely!

Babies and toddlers seem to fall on their head more than you might think. Whether they're just trying to sit up and fall backwards, or they're just starting to learn to walk, the backs of their head seem to take a beating from colliding with the ground.

Introducing the Baby HeadPro Pad ™ – a delightful solution for your little one's adventurous milestones! Designed to add an extra bounce of safety and a dash of fun to their explorations, this playful pad keeps your baby's precious head snug and secure.

Crafted with the softest crystal velvet fabric and filled with high-elastic PP cotton, our Baby HeadPro Pad ™ ensures a gentle landing for those occasional tumbles. The circular head protector acts as a trusty cushion, absorbing any unexpected bumps or falls with a touch of magic.

Adjustable plush straps provide a custom fit, allowing your baby to wiggle, crawl, and bounce freely. Its adorable bee-inspired design brings smiles and laughter, making it a joyful companion for their little adventures. And with its cleverly placed hole, the pad even helps prevent the flat head syndrome while your baby takes a well-deserved nap.

  • Soft & Breathable: Luxuriously soft crystal velvet fabric for comfort.
  • Head Back Safety: Circular protector cushions backward falls (4-24 months).
  • Adjustable Plush Straps: Customizable for a secure fit during play.
  • Adorable Cartoon Appearance: Loved as a protector pad or cute toy.
  • Anti Flat Head: Maintains proper skull shape, prevents flat head syndrome

When not protecting their head, the bee backpack can just look adorably cute while attached to your child!

Customers All over are loving it!


The Baby HeadPro Pad ™ is the ultimate blend of safety and playfulness, allowing your baby to learn, explore, and enjoy their world to the fullest. Give your little one the gift of secure leaps and boundless discoveries with this adorable head protector pad!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Love it

Has saved my baby’s head from tiled floors many times! Worth every penny! My daughter is wobbly and does not have proper balance yet so this is perfect to protect her head while learning. I also have a rumbunctious 3 year old and he sometimes knocks her over. Head saved by pillow!!! Plus it is so adorable!

Harvey Kessler

I love it, it’s gives me peace of mind when my son is walking around with this on his back. He’s just learning to walk and has already fell twice and bumped the back of his head. This has prevented that from happening again and it’s super cute !

Sierra Ondri

good product,my nephew loves this baby head protection,it also looks like a toy Bee bee bee.

Janelle Mueller
Liked it

So, this baby head protector, definitely a great idea who ever came up with this may be definitely a parent. LOL. So i will share my experience of why i looked for such a kind of product at first place, we went out one fine summer day to a fountain where kids play in water and there are high chances they get slipped and fall on their back. So this happens and most kids control themselves with their hands so they dont hit on their head.But few kids need to be held by their parents like a year old...

Marisa Feeney

Thus is just what we needed, we live in a place with wood floors so we got this for our 2nd one, it is super soft and fits our 10 month old great!

Domingo Abshire

This cute little thing has saved my daughters head multiple times so far and she’s only been wearing it 2 weeks!

Jedidiah Rowe

Kind of a gimmick. Baby would’t wear when head banging may have been a problem. But it is constructed well.

Trenton Breitenberg

Excellent! It really avoid my baby to hit her head when she falls backwards! And also she looks so cute!


this product is great to protect my baby just learning walking. cute design for baby girl, product quality is good, sometimes the elastic gore is a little easy to slide off from the buckle when you pull it. overall, it's good product!

Madonna Cormier

Never seen anything like it. Wish they had these when my kids were babies.