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Worker Ant - Party Picks
Worker Ant - Party Picks
Worker Ant - Party Picks
Worker Ant - Party Picks
Worker Ant - Party Picks
Worker Ant - Party Picks

Worker Ant - Party Picks

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This Halloween Marshall your forces for a cute snacking parade!

What do the ants do when they're not out building humongous bridges to invade rival nests?

A: Munching on your pizza leftovers.

B: Plotting to take over the world by 

Well, actually, ALL of the above. Because They Can!

If you want to surprise your guest and give your table a very unique touch ,these ants will be an awesome addition to your party skewers. ,it will make your party wonderfully unique.

  1. It's the BEST of its kind!  Yeah, an ant food pick. Like a toothpick, but with way more swagger. It's reusable and dishwasher safe
  1. It will SURPRISE your guests! Or frighten them since our Ant Food Picks look just like real ones! (hint- Halloween!)

    Of course they don't bite! 

  2. It's not just one food pick, but whole set! That's right. You're getting a whole ant-squadron to help you serve your food. 

  3. It shows the FUTURE rulers of the world that you're on their side! Did you know that for every human, there are 1 million ants? Also, they have a hive mind.. while we argue with strangers over the Internet!

This is your only chance to appease our future overlords, so act fast!


Customers all over all loving it!!

Have fun as you host your next gathering. Guaranteed to receive compliments

Act fast and pay tribute to our new masters by allowing them to carry your food on their backs for the time being! Oh, and it's a cool gift for your friends!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Alma Curry
Worker Ant Picks

These were so much fun. So glad I purchased them. Reusable!

Marlyn MacKenzie
Cuter than expected …

I was so surprised how cute these are! I just might have to get some red balls to put on them and have them march across the top of my crown molding. I’m sure it will be an attention getter! Love the ideas in the other reviews. The photo is our granddaughter. She and her sister put Grampa’s peanut butter fudge of them.


These were the biggest hit. I was surprised at how well they are made and how they would topple over with the grapes. Will purchase again.


Had so much fun with these, for a Teddy Bear Picnic themed baby shower. They are just the right size to carry grape tomatoes. ;)


Everyone absolutely loved them and thought they were just the best. Although they're lightweight, they're sturdy and held up nicely. I was able to wash them all and package them up to use again next year.


Had a picnic birthday party for my youngest. She loved the ants. So these were precious. . We made them work the way featured in the picture and they were a big hit!


Used as cupcake toppers for bbq themed party. Good size was perfect.


I love these little ants!! We used them for a bug themed birthday party and everyone else loved them too!! They are a good size and can be reused for other events!


Bought these for Halloween dinner; each ant carries a mummy meatball but still stood tall!! Very impressive. Hard working ants, your quality are unbeatable!

Darryl Miller

Just love them.
Very strong and they made an impact with my guest
Will buy them again