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Adjustable Ergonomic Portable Aluminum Laptop Desk. (Mouse Pad Included)
Adjustable Ergonomic Portable Aluminum Laptop Desk. (Mouse Pad Included)
Adjustable Ergonomic Portable Aluminum Laptop Desk. (Mouse Pad Included)
Adjustable Ergonomic Portable Aluminum Laptop Desk. (Mouse Pad Included)
Adjustable Ergonomic Portable Aluminum Laptop Desk. (Mouse Pad Included)
Adjustable Ergonomic Portable Aluminum Laptop Desk. (Mouse Pad Included)
Adjustable Ergonomic Portable Aluminum Laptop Desk. (Mouse Pad Included)
Adjustable Ergonomic Portable Aluminum Laptop Desk. (Mouse Pad Included)

Adjustable Ergonomic Portable Aluminum Laptop Desk. (Mouse Pad Included)

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Adjustable Ergonomic Portable Aluminum Laptop Desk. (Mouse Pad Included)
Redefine your desk space with this versatile laptop stand that gives you the flexibility to sit or stand throughout your workday. It’s a multipurpose tool that you can also use while in bed, on the couch, on the beach, or anywhere you want to place your laptop.

Say goodbye to nick and back pains after looking at laptop for a long time. This fully adjustable laptop stand can be folded flat for easy storage and enables you to use your computer at the most pleasing position, benefits your health and make you free from the neck ache and shoulder pain caused by poor posture.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - Made by Aluminum Alloy,Ultra Light and Strong

Each folding leg has 3 knobs which can adjust and lock in any height and angle you need. The 360°revolve provides the high flexibility just as human.

With Ventilation holes which provide strong air flow to dissipate the heat from bottom of your notebook. Not only a table but also a cooler.

MULTI FUNCTIONAL - Computer desk, writing desk, sketchpad, board, dining table, flower Stand etc. The use of occasions: bed, sofa, table, carpet, meadow, desk etc. Object: adults, children and all the crowds.


  • Platform Material: High Grade Magnesium & Aluminum Alloy.
  • Legs Material: High Quality Durable ABS.
  • Adjustable Angle: Full 360°.
  • Platform Design: Breathable (Allows Heat Exchange.)
  • Suitable For: All Laptops Up To 17" inches. (Also good for tablets & books!)
  • Max. Load: 20kg/44lbs (Most laptops range anywhere from 3 to 8lbs.)
  • Mouse-Board: 18cm x 16cm/7.1 x 6.3"
  • Table-Board: 42cm x 26cm/16.38x 10.2"
  • Adjustable Height: 26cm---47cm/10.2---18.5"
  • Stand Leg (6Pcs): 25.5cm/10" (length)
  • Folded Size: 58.5cm x 26cm x 4cm/23 x 10.2 x 1.6"
  • Package Includes:One (1) Laptop Desk With Mouse Pad.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Neva Waters

I'm a full-time author and I spend a lot of time at the computer. Since back injuries and also surgery,i could not sit at a desk in a standard desk chair anymore. I use a large flat screen TV for a monitor and sit in a recliner, now. I needed an adjustable lap desk for my keyboard, and this works extremely well. I'm finally comfortable and can get my work done.Highly recommended.

Christ Frane

A perfect laptop stand, exactly as described! It is great for getting away from a desk, table or uncomfortable chair. I use it while sitting on the sofa and even while lying on the sofa. It puts my laptop in the ideal position for both typing on the keypad and reading the screen without wrist or neck fatigue. You need only adjust it to your ideal positions. The positions are indicated by degree notations on the adjustment buttons. Once I got my ideal positions figured out, I made note of them so I do not have to figure them out each time I change locations. I have yet to adjust the settings to my favorite easy chair or to my bed; however, the positions I've been using might work for those other locations as well. For work in an office, it can be adjusted to use while standing at a desk, a nice break from sitting for hours.

Otto Guta

I was sure this product was too good to be true. As a traveler who never carries more than a personal item and carry-on I thought for sure that this product would not meet my requirements of being strong, compact, and extremely light.

Jason Hint

Above Expectations. Great quality product.Yes it is hard to assemble and get into the correct postion you want but this is so good for people that work, go to school online and are mainly sitting in their bed! I love it and use it everytime on my laptop.


Perfect fit.This is one of those products I never knew I needed. I am always doing homework and playing games on my laptop on my bed and my lap would always get really hot from my laptop, or when I try to move, I have to move everything off me and place it somewhere and it was just a hassle for me. I don't like to sit at a desk because it's uncomfortable to me and I just like to work on my bed where I can relax and enjoy watching Netflix after studying. This is the best thing to ever happen to me. It's good quality, and built very sturdy.

Aniyah Larkin

I love this! I've been working on my laptop from my bed for years now and have neck and arm issues because of the angle and looking down. I've been using this for several weeks, and it really helps my neck stay in a more neutral position, which results in less strain.

Hugh Armstrong

I really like this item. Initially I was concerned it would be too wobbly to use for longer periods, but after trying a few different configurations, I found the right balance. That's a real plus of this item actually - it has three hinges on each arm that allow you to adjust the stand as needed. It's great for ergonomics, since you can adjust the tilt for comfort. I use it on my desk with a laptop so I can stand and work for part of the day. It's a great addition to my office.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this adjustable laptop desk!
It makes it so much more comfortable when using the laptop while sitting on the couch - not only because I can adjust the height to bring the screen to eye level, (your neck will thank you) but also because it keeps the hot computer off of your lap. An easy slight adjustment to the angle of the surface and it's perfect for an ipad or smart phone - whether surfing the net or playing Spider.

Ramiro Stanton

I can not believe how incredible this is. I bought is so I can sit and stand because I get severe back pain. To my surprise its a perfect lap desk and I can sit in my recliner with my feet up and totally comfortable. They have great customer service . They sent me directions before I even got the product and contacted me after. Do not get duped by Amazon and buy the extended warranty. This comes with an awesome one if you register. I would buy again and again and again

Kade willson

I waited for this product for long time. Finally someone made it exactly the way I dreamed about it. Quality material used and well designed.