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6 in1 Mecha Bot Fleet Transformers  (733pcs)
6 in1 Mecha Bot Fleet Transformers  (733pcs)
6 in1 Mecha Bot Fleet Transformers  (733pcs)
6 in1 Mecha Bot Fleet Transformers  (733pcs)
6 in1 Mecha Bot Fleet Transformers  (733pcs)

6 in1 Mecha Bot Fleet Transformers (733pcs)

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Unleash your child's creative side and keep them - and yourself - entertained for hours with the Transforming Mecha Bot, fun for everyone!

At times Keeping kids attentive and focus for a long time can be tough. With the Mecha-Bot Fleet Constructor you may very well be able to keep your child's undivided attention on a very healthy activity for HOURS! It's  a must-have for you! Here's a short list of reasons why getting it  will not only benefit your kid(s), but you and your partner as well:

  1. It develops fine motor skills and creative problem solving which will lead to them being more independent, which in turn saves you time!
  2. It has 733 blocks of pure constructor goodness that's perfectly fit to satisfy your child's creative needs and the constant twisting, turning and clicking movement needed to build each craft is one of the most fun ways your child can develop their fine motor skills .
  3. It improves their normally minuscule attention span by a great amount, which in turn saves you time! 
  4. Cool Transforming Features. Activate the ultimate battle mode by converting from vehicle mode. Each converting toy changes into classic different forms of automobiles


  • 733 pieces
  • Small block size (compatible with legos)
  • Plastic material
  • Hazard warning for children under the age of 3


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Tad Pollich

    Delivered after two weeks., bought as a gift for my son and everything came intact. 5 stars!

    Vada Bergnaum

    seems ok and quick delivery

    Melany Barton

    Grandson was ecstatic! Will shop from here again.

    Madison McGlynn

    Some parts were a bit harder to snap into place, great otherwise and worth the price!

    Jason Ferguson

    Awesome! It was supposed to give me and the wife some more time but I ended up helping my twins out lol

    Dannie Howe

    Hours of fun my boy is literally on this all day. highly recommend

    Max Haley

    Fast shipping.

    Rae Mann

    The kids love it and we even found out it works with lego!