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6 in1 Mecha Bot Excavator Transformers (709pcs)
6 in1 Mecha Bot Excavator Transformers (709pcs)
6 in1 Mecha Bot Excavator Transformers (709pcs)
6 in1 Mecha Bot Excavator Transformers (709pcs)

6 in1 Mecha Bot Excavator Transformers (709pcs)

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Mecha Bot Returns Yet Again.. With A New EPIC Transformation!

Is your child restless & with a very active mind?

Can't sit still for longer than 2.5 seconds?

LOVES cool giant robots?!

UNLEASH your child's creative power and keep them (and yourself!) entertained for HOURS with the Transforming Mecha Excavator Bot! Woo-hoo!

Keeping kids attentive and focused for a long time can often be a REALLY challenging endeavour..

With the Mecha Bot Excavator Constructor set however, you may very well be able to keep your child's undivided attention on a very healthy activity for HOURS upon HOURS! It's an absolute MUST have for any parent!

Getting a 6in1 Mecha Bot Set will not only benefit your kid(s), but also you and your partner as well:

  1. It develops fine motor skills and creative problem solving which will lead to your little ones being more independent, which in turn saves you time!

  2. It has 709 blocks of pure, Mecha Bot constructor goodness that are guaranteed to satisfy your child's creative needs while the constant twisting, turning and clicking movement needed to build each part of the Mecha Bot is one of the most fun ways your child can develop their fine motor skills!

  3. It improves kids' usually minuscule attention span by a great amount which, again, saves you time and builds a very solid foundation of skills needed for your child's present and future schooling!
  4. It's MECHA cool! Activate the Ultimate Mecha Bot Battle Mode by transforming the construction vehicles into a giant bad-guy-fighting robot! YEAH!


  • 709 EPIC construction blocks
  • Small block size (compatible with legos!)
  • Plastic material
  • Hazard warning for children under the age of 3
  • Part of our Mecha Bot Constructor Set series

We've JUST put it on sale today at 30% off for all you Mecha Bot lovers (and busy parents) out there!

Act fast because a little pigeon here is telling us your kids are being naughty and chasing the cat again..


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jose Spinka

Excellent quality for the price and arrived in less than a month

Ellie Yundt

This thing is just SOO FUN! I actually got addicted while helping my son build and we'll be buying more soon!!

Rita Mraz

Cool set, fast shipping

Ila Kreiger

one piece came broken

Nick Jacobson

Excellent constructor with neatly designed parts. The Transformers feature is the coolest thing I've ever seen in toys like these. 5 stars

Janis Tillman

After spending literally ages on it the Tillman family presents you the Ultimate Mecha Bot! Lol

Domenico Fay

Too easy to build, we expected more.

Sidney Champlin

I haven't opened it yet but it seems alright. Shipping was kind of meh