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Swiss Army Knife 15 In 1 Multi Tool (30 Features)
Swiss Army Knife 15 In 1 Multi Tool (30 Features)
Swiss Army Knife 15 In 1 Multi Tool (30 Features)
Swiss Army Knife 15 In 1 Multi Tool (30 Features)
Swiss Army Knife 15 In 1 Multi Tool (30 Features)
Swiss Army Knife 15 In 1 Multi Tool (30 Features)
Swiss Army Knife 15 In 1 Multi Tool (30 Features)

Swiss Army Knife 15 In 1 Multi Tool (30 Features)

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Ideal for everyday adventures or odd jobs around the yard.This knife works just as well outdoor projects as it does on indoor projects. With 15 features, from blades to a bottle opener, scissors to screwdrivers and wire strippers to a wood saw, it won’t let you down. This is a multi-tool you’ll use over and over again and wonder how you ever managed to get things done without it.

There are 30 basic functions:

Large Knives
 Unhook Device
Cork Drill
Nail File
Open Cans
Steel File
Small Screwdriver
Nail Remover
Wire stripping Tank
Steel Saw
Drill Hole Cone
Miniature Screwdriver
Key Ring
Wood Chisel
Tooth Pick
Wire Pliers
Wire Removal Tools
Wood Saw
Cross Screwdriver
Scale Scalpel
Magnifying Glass
Eye Glass Screwdriver
Key Ring


  • Knife features 15 functions to equip you for everyday adventures - including 2.45" blade, Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener with screwdriver, and scissors (See product description for full list of features)
  • Stainless steel construction encased in polished red ABS scales provides sleek durability
  • Compact design makes this the perfect knife for any outdoor activity including camping, fishing, or hiking, as well as handy for everyday uses around the house or office
Packing Include:
  • 1 Swiss knife
  • 1 knife sheath
  • Free Shipping
  • The product is Shipped in 1-2 Working Days.

Important Note:

Given the current global pandemic situation, shipping time is 20-30 Days due to closed borders, customs delays and lower number of employees. However, you can be confidently assured that we are going to deliver to your doorstep in spite of these challenging times.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Candy ale

This is all I actually use on a Swiss Knife", and bought it, even though I knew I would hate the blunt blade. After receiving it today, I have realized that in an emergency, I can use the blade to cut near a person or animal (like using it to remove a seat belt, or removing a tight halter from a horse) without risking harm.

Ida Gum

.Happily, the product is of the quality we all expect from Radwish, no problem there.
From the advertisement illustration, I was particularly interested in the knife because it carries what I consider the minimally necessary tools that I require for a Swiss Army knife.

Westley Barton

Thanks to the seller. Super Fast shipping,
I chose this Swiss Army knife, because it was important for me (and it should be for you) that the main blade lock.
What this means is that even though you can't really see it from the picture (google it for more views), there's a lever which you have to press with a decent force to close the blade once it's been open.

This means that the blade cannot close on your fingers once it's opened and locked.

I've used this camping and used the knife to cut food and some wood, and I was never afraid I'd lose a finger!

I also purchased it because it had a wood saw, knife and pliers. All camping necessities.
The pliers were a little disappointing, as they did not have the clamping force I was hoping. In hindsight, I can't expect miracles from something this size (I purchased the Swisstool Spirit and that sucker has monster pliers, I use that as my main camping tool, and this as a back-up).
The pliers have a two-position notch (i.e. look close at the picture for this item and you'll see a notch in the pliers so you can reposition the pliers arms to open up wider and accept a larger bolt or whatever). Although it sounds cool, it just doesn't really work in practice.
Very happy

Dorthy B

All in all, even though I try to keep my weight down for camping and hiking, this comes with me because it's a great locking knife with plenty of other high quality implement

Alex Stark

The scissors are the Wenger style, which are serrated. I tested them against the regular scissors and they will cut thicker material, but aren't quite as good on single sheets of paper or cutting out coupons. I prefer them. The cap opener/large screwdriver is also the Wenger style. No 90 degree lock, but it will lock if you are turning a screw with pressure. I think it's a good feature. This is a great little pocket knife and I highly recommend it.


Fast Shipping. Good Quality. Only the Scissors is very shaky. All exactly as described

Kayli oli

Good camp knife, both for themselves and for gift. There are even mini magnifier, although not necessary. Steel, like, durable. My copy is not play, quite cruel when opening. Otherwise, time will tell. Without comment


This is the most useful multi tool knife ever. Despite earlier reviews, this knifes quality is subpar to your average knife. I am very pleased with everything this product can do. The knife size is perfect and not too wide. The pliers come in very handy for everyday fixes. The locking knife blade is very well designed and very sturdy. The blade comes super razor sharp. The serrated scissors are great for cutting, especially finger nails. The file is great and very useful. The wrench is a bit small but it is still very useful and the pliers can do the job. The philips head screw driver is very useful but is hard to open. All in all this is the most wonderful multi tool knife on the market. Highly recommended!

Antwon alley

The entire knife is put together well and the quality of construction is good. The files are fantastic. Scissors cut well. Knife is reasonably sharp, and to me the locking blade is a must. Why the deduction of the one star is because its expensive, and its not a work horse like other multi-tools. For example, look at the pliers. What could you realistically do with the pliers.

Olin Mori

Goods come quickly, like durable look, only scissors and pliers, knives sharpened