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Beard Straightening Comb
Beard Straightening Comb
Beard Straightening Comb
Beard Straightening Comb
Beard Straightening Comb
Beard Straightening Comb
Beard Straightening Comb
Beard Straightening Comb

Beard Straightening Comb

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A Beard Straightening Comb(From scruff to buff 30 seconds)

Our Beard Straightening is the ultimate advantage in a world of average beards. Using a low profile design and negative ion technology, a thick out of control beard can be transformed into a soft, smooth, enviable look.

1.No Damage To Beards:
Quick Beard Straightening uses negative ion technology to prevent heat damage. Comb daily for a healthy, polished look.
2.Heat barrier design: with revolutionary bristles that glide effortlessly across the face and scalp without harming the skin.
3.Long Lasting, Effortless Style: Quality performance ensures that the styled result is long-lasting, easy-to-achieve and takes only minutes touch up, even with the roughest, coarsest hair.
4.Multi-use: Beard and Head! when your beard is looking pristine, the Quick Beard Straightening is the perfect tool for touching up head hair too!
5.Quick heating: Up to temperature in 15 seconds, ideal for a quick evening touch up.
6.Lightweight & ergonomic: Comfortable and controllable in hand for detailed stying.


  • Size: 26.5cm x 5.5cm x 8.1cm
  • Optimum Temperature: 120 degree


  • Turn the power on
  • Preheat for ~15 seconds and install the comb
  • 1 x Quick Hair Styler for Men (With cable)
  • Free WorldWide Shipping
  • The product is Shipped in 1-2 Working Days.
  • Not sold in stores
  • This is Limited Time Offer. Supply is extremely Limited! -Expected to sell out Fast.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Salma Feil

I ordered the Elehot Straightener for my beard. It came in a nice box with a magnetic lid, heats up fast, and works well. It does a good job of straightening my beard and hair. My wife has started using it on her hair too, and it's faster than the flat iron, safer too.

Liliane Larkin

It's pretty cool. Easy to use and handle for someone that doesn't style hair professionally. Packaging could have been better. Almost came undone. Overall good product.

Preston D

So as a beard straightener this works good. Yes, beard straightener. I have a medium to long beard and its a pain to maintain it in a timely manly manner. This is where this beard straightener comes in. Guys with beards this does wonders.
Pro tip: Careful on sideburns, it is known to burn an ear or two. Also around the jaw line it tends to get close but don't let that put you off on this. Chicks dig scars but don't go burning yourself if this is your first time using a straightener.
4 out of 5 because its not perfect but it works

Mark Daniel

Works great and phenomenal price! Very affordable compared to the other more expensive comb I've seen while still working well. Nicely straightens my beard without damaging it. My beard is left very smooth and straight. Easy to adjust to your desired temperature. Saves so much time in the mornings and helps me look put together. Highly recommend for yourself or as a gift!

Shirley Williamson

Simple to use and very light to carry with one hand! Small enough to carry around for traveling! Better price compare to all other brand names-works same.
nice work

Asa Farrell

I have bought two, one I bought for a gift. I am buying a second one for myself because I don't want to be without if it burns out, which most electrical appliances do at some point. Gets very hot, but easy to regulate temperature, makes quick work on my beard very thick bushy american hair. Strongly recommend.

Daija lean

It worked fantastic! I used this on to touch up the roots and smooth out the new growth. I like this much better than flat ironing or traditional hot combs because it didn't burn beard. The ceremic part is cool to the touch and can touch the beard directly without burn. The "teeth" heat up very fast and the temperature can be adjusted to suit. Even with me having thick hair I didn't even have to have it up on high. My beard felt silky smooth.

Davion Hane

Excellent!! I actually got this product after I heard about guys using straightening brushes on their beards.....Happy to say it works great! No more kinks or stray hairs on my face!

Immanuel Leannon

My wife finally embraced the fact that I’m keeping my medium to long length beard. She bought this and gave it to me as an early Christmas gift. I love it, I use it every day. It detangles my beard and straightens it with ease.

Anais Bailey

Item came fast. I did half of my hair but i can make it more straight with a normal flat iron then with this hair styler brush. But i will keep using it if i want a more wavy look.